Former KLA member whose kidney was removed in Tirana questioned by Special Court investigators

The main topic of the report by the former Council of Europe rapporteur, Dick Marty, which led to the formation of the Special Court, is the claim that the KLA carried out organ trafficking. Klan Kosova TV recently aired a story about a former KLA member, who was allegedly evacuated to a hospital in Tirana after being wounded during the Kosovo war, where he was told after the operation that his kidney was removed. He was recently questioned about it by investigators of the Special Court in the Hague.

The former KLA member was invited as a witness and questioned at EULEX headquarters in Pristina for almost two days.

The broadcast did not disclose his identity, but Klan Kosovo TV stated that his identity is known to them.

„During the war, there were about 70 of us soldiers when we were ambushed in a minefield, fortunately, nobody was killed, but three of us were wounded. I sustained the most severe injuries, so they transferred me to a military hospital in Tirana. They were supposed to operate on me there. They came after, and congratulated me, then they told me that they removed one kidney and a part of the intestines, as they were severely damaged,“ the former KLA member stated.

He said that the hardest part was being questioned by the court about what he had personally experienced „not because there was anything illegal in it“ but because he was forced to recall the traumatic experience of losing a vital organ, Klan Kosova reported.

„They just asked me about the structure of the KLA. They asked me where I was wounded – I drew the spot on the map. They asked me: who transported you with a helicopter, who operated on you, did you have a transplant, how I lost my kidney. These questions were very difficult for me, as if you placed your hand inside and smashed my organs,“ he stressed.

„Not only was there no truth in the investigators’ claims, but the treatment in Tirana was unusually good,“ he added.

Even if my father was the Minister of Defense of Albania, he would not send a helicopter to transport me to a military hospital in Tirana

He underlined that he told the investigators that he wanted to meet with Dick Marty face to face in order to „rebut his defamations, which he stated against the holy KLA war“.

According to Dick Marty’s report from 2011, there are a number of concrete and convergent indicators that confirm that some Serbs and Kosovo Albanians were imprisoned in secret locations in northern Albania. Prisons controlled by the KLA were situated in these locations.

Before they disappeared, they were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment. Numerous indications confirm that in the period immediately after the end of the armed conflict in Kosovo in 1999 and before the international forces took control and established law and order, the organs of some prisoners were taken in a clinic in Albania near Fushe-Kruje. Although concrete evidence of such trafficking existed at the beginning of the 2000s, international authorities in the region did not deem it necessary to examine these circumstances in detail or they did so in an incomplete and superficial way, Marty’s report reads.




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