Đurić Before Trip To Kosovo: Priština Is To Create „Tutoring Board“ To Oversee Serbs Instead Of ASM

Official Belgrade has gotten hold of an „authentic document” regarding the Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities that Priština submitted to the U.S. and EU representatives yesterday morning. According to the document, titled “Working Mechanism for the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities”, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj should be in charge of the implementation and creation of the A/CSM. This document is nothing short of making nonsense of previous claims by Kosovo institutions that they would create the A/CSM – says the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Head, Marko Đurić. He showed and read out the document to a press conference in Belgrade, just before his first trip to Kosovo after his arrest in Kosovska Mitrovica, which he claimed was submitted by the Kosovo Government, adding that instead of the creation of the A/CSM, Priština wanted to annul the collective political rights of Serbs in Kosovo. “Serbs will not accept it”, Đurić conveyed. 

Đurić: I expect from the international community to finally step out and say what it thinks of this; will this charade continue? 

Speaking of “Western attitude” and “that of powers that be”, Đurić said “had they really wanted the A/CSM”, the demarcation with Montenegro would have not been a precondition, rather than the A/CSM. 

"I think it speaks enough of people not keeping to their words and their signatures. I extend my gratitude to them for such a transparent, open and clear way of showing it and expect from the international community to finally come out and say openly what it thinks of it – whether this charade will continue, whether it is possible for someone to rewrite an agreement that was signed five years ago and write whatever it suits them to implement and how it will implement it, and all this before their eyes, and deliver it to them, or someone will tell them 'people, get serious, this is not the way to talk'; will someone once and for all say: 'Belgrade is doing what it is its job, an obligation, and Priština not only is doing nothing, but demonstrates it is not in favor of the dialogue, or peace, or the future'.”

"With this document they have envisaged, neither more nor less, four Serb representatives to comprise the Management Team. For the Team to include 12 members, meaning having a majority Albanian participation. This plan also foresees the establishment of an Executive Committee that is to task Serb representatives with projects regarding the creation of A/CSM, while the Committee that should manage Serb communities and representatives is composed of Avni Arifi from Pristina, Meliza Haradinaj, Alban Demarku, Selim Selimi, Besnik Tahiri, Endrit Shala; representatives of the Foreign Ministry that pursuant to the UNSCR 1244 should not even exist, then representatives from the offices of Thaci, Veseli, Kosovo’s Constitutional Court, and that of Self-Determination, the Democratic League of Kosovo, along with other political parties and non-majority political entities,” Đurić said reading the document.

"And they have also envisaged establishing a National Consultative Group composed of Besnik Tahiri, Rozafa Ukimeraj, Habit Hajredini, Vedat Sogoleva, Adrijan Zeqiri and an international expert Marc Weller,” he added.

Serbia was "fully functional state there since 1912 till 1999"

Priština, instead of creating the A/CSM, said – “is preparing bodies that are to represent a tutoring committee over the Serb communities in Kosovo.” 

Answering a question how did Serbia come into possession of such a document from Priština, Đurić says: “Well, we have our channels through which we managed to achieve that.”

"Don’t forget that we were fully functional state there since 1912 till 1999. This is an authentic document that was delivered to the U.S. and Brussels representatives yesterday”, he added. 

It is the U.S. and EU representatives that Đurić expects “appropriate reaction” from.

And for Priština from Belgrade this time a similar message:

"On this occasion I would like to convey to them what I usually do in similar circumstances, which is – you won’t see that film for sure. Serbs in Kosovo will work on establishing of A/CSM the way it was envisaged by the agreement”. 

The intention to change the ethnic structure

Earlier today, before Marko Djurić held the press conference, the RTS reported on "changing the ethnic structure in Serbian communities in KiM", ie the "Pristina plan" for "taking the North" and "changing the ethnic structure" in the midst of the south of the Ibar, which, as the public service was reported, was recently discovered by the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stating that Belgrade therefore insists on forming the ASM as soon as possible.

Responding to a question whether Belgrade has information whether Pristina authorities would want to change the ethnic structure of some of the Serb majority municipalities south of the Ibar river, Đurić said there was such an intention and it was about, as he put it, an attempt to buy Serbian properties with illegal funds mainly, while the Serb representatives would be intimidated in order to instigate Serbs fleeing Kosovo.  

Đurić noted that municipalities of Klokot and Novo Brdo, where Serbs compose 55 to 60 percent of population, were examples of such attempts.

After political messages, Đurić confirmed that he will travel to Kosovo on the afternoon, because, as he says – he wants to spend Easter with the Serbs in Kosovo.

He added that, like before, he sent a timely notification, as he put it, and that he believed that there were no reasons for someone to prevent him in his planned visit, but that in any case, his obligation was to be with Serbs in Kosovo.



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