Djuric: All clues in Ivanovic’s murder lead to the Albanian side

Marko Đurić/Foto: Screenshot, Youtube, Insajder

Oliver Ivanovic was killed 11 months ago and there is still no official information about the perpetrators. Investigations are being conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade and Pristina, with apparently opposite findings. The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric claimed during an Insajder debate show (aired by N1) that the data of Serbian state organs are undoubtedly leading to the Albanian side.

„All the clues and I want to be unequivocally clear, all the clues in connection with the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, which our state organs are currently in possession of, are leading to the southern, Albanian side,“ Djuric said, answering a question of Insajder journalist whether he was aware of how dangerous the smear campaign of Ivanovic ahead of the local elections in Kosovo, in which he himself had participated, showed to be.

A member of the Serbian National Assembly Committee on Kosovo, Gordana Comic said that the structures involved in the investigation do not inspire confidence, but that this tragic case must be an example that „violence is not the policy“.

„But along with the request that the investigation must be brought to an end, I will never stop repeating that we should learn from this tragic case – with six bullets in his back, a man who worked for decades in the name of dialogue and peace in Kosovo – that violence is not the policy. That defamation, a smear campaign is not politics, it is just violence,“ said Comic.



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