Djilas: Reconciliation of the people, but not with Vucic and Thaci

Any change of borders is wrong because it would have an impact on the whole region. You cannot do this with Kosovo while saying to the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina that they cannot divide. Then the Bosniaks from Sandzak will say – we will merge with Bosnia and Herzegovina and we would once again face a change of borders, the head of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Dragan Djilas said in the “360 stepeni” talk-show on N1.

Djilas also spoke about the meeting that was supposed to take place between representatives of Belgrade and Pristina in Washington on June 27th, but also the role of the European Union.

„Europe has now shown to America that it cannot do without it. It also showed the same to Vucic. Do you think that it suits me – a man who loves his country – for Kosovo to enter the United Nations and for the story to end? And that we then destroy him (Vucic) based on that, as Serbia accepted to lose part of its territory,“ Djilas said.

Djilas pointed out that the Serbian opposition proposed a plan for Kosovo a year and a half ago, which was based on the reconciliation of the people. He also emphasized that neither Thaci nor Vucic can solve this issue, adding that this should be done by people who were not in favor of war.

„Some people like Thaci and Veseli who have blood on their hands cannot do it. They are war criminals – that is indisputable. They can’t do it and neither can the one who has blood on his tongue, who said all kinds of things and pushed people into war, they can’t do that,” he underlined, adding:

“It can be solved by people who were not in any way in favor of war, they could solve it. In that way, we will solve the basic things – being able to travel with our license plates and cars, for the children to be allowed to play sports, to get medical treatment, to establish cooperation between some universities, cultural cooperation, for Serbs who protected Albanians during the war to come to Pristina television, and for Albanians who saved Serbs to come to RTS.“

According to Djilas, we need to understand that not everyone on the other side is a beast.

Speaking about the future, Djilas emphasized that our future is to go together, if we can all enter the European Union on the same day and see how we will define it.

„To put criminals in prison, while we build a common future,“ Djilas concluded.

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