Djilas: Kosovo is not a topic for political points, I’m sorry that we did not make a national plan

“My opinion is that Kosovo and Metohija is an integral part of Serbia and that is the number one fact, which was written in UN Resolution 1244 and in the Constitution of Serbia. The status is resolved in the UN and technical negotiations are in Brussels. On the other hand, I am not an unrealistic person who will not acknowledge the fact that a large number of members of Albanian nationality live here, who have their own desires and intentions, and they are reflected in the fact that they received recognition from a number of countries… At the moment there is no solution that would satisfy the two peoples living in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, but I am against the partition,” the leader of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas said in an exclusive interview for TV Mir in Leposavic yesterday.

Djilas stated that the term frozen conflict, which he described as “a planted term,” should not be used when talking about Kosovo. He emphasized that efforts should be made to “reconcile the two peoples” and to have an understanding for their history, in which, apart from wars, there were also times when “members of the two nations protected each other.”

The Alliance for Serbia leader said that „business knows no bounds” and that the “issue of athletes’ status should have been resolved in a better way.“

The owner of TV Mir, Nenad Radosavljevic, who conducted the interview, recalled Djilas’ role in the launching of the humanitarian organization „Our Serbia“ (Nasa Srbija) after the wars of the 1990s to support children who survived wars, but also his support and assistance in the construction of a sports hall in Leposavic, as well as Aleksandar Vucic’s constant “taunts” on Djilas’ and Vuk Jeremic’s account.

He spoke of his experience in Kosovo during the 2000s, his role of mayor in Belgrade, and Aleksandar Vucic’s policy. Djilas emphasized that politics is „not a personal matter“, and that Serbian people do not benefit from „the partition into two parts“ and the language of hatred which is the core of his policy.

We need to stop the partition in Serbia, to stop dividing the patriots and antipatriots, because he sees “all citizens and politicians in Serbia as patriots.”

During yesterday’s visit of Leposavic, the founders of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas and Slavisa Ristic, accompanied by Dr. Marko Jaksic, Dr. Aleksandar Corac and local activists of the opposition movement „Otadzbina“ were verbally attacked by a group of about 20 young men. Srpska Lista claimed that it was “a spontaneous welcome by the people”. The Alliance for Serbia, however, stated that it was an “organized verbal attack” instigated by the people of a local businessman, Zoran Milojevic Zelja, who has close ties with the SNS. Milojevic denied these allegations to KoSSev and claimed that he did not know about the visit.

Djilas has also paid visit to Decani monastery saying to Radio Gorazdevac he was thrilled to see the progress of the monastery, stressing its importance. Djilas is due to visit the Prizren Seminary and Archbishop Teodosije.



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