Djilas and Ristic verbally attacked in Leposavic

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Founders of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas and Slavisa Ristic, accompanied by Dr. Marko Jaksic, Dr. Aleksandar Corac and local activists of the opposition movement „Otadzbina“, visited Leposavic today where a group of about 20 young men caused a verbal incident. Srpska Lista claims that it was “a spontaneous welcome by the people”. The Alliance for Serbia, however, stated that it was an “organized verbal attack” instigated by the people of a local businessman, Zoran Milojevic Zelja, who has close ties with the SNS. Milojevic denied these allegations to KoSSev and claimed that he did not know about this visit.

The Alliance for Serbia wrote in a statement that they wanted to talk to citizens and representatives of political parties about the „pressures they were exposed to and what kind of hardships they are facing“.

The founder of this Alliance, Dragan Djilas gave an interview to the local TV Mir in Leposavic, after which the verbal incident occurred at the famous restaurant ’M’ when a group of men entered this restaurant and started with the insults right away – the statement reads.

The owner of the restaurant asked them to stop with the insults, however, upon leaving the premises, the insults continued “even more intensively.”

The Alliance then claimed that the people of a local businessman Zoran Milojevic caused the incident, listing the names of those they believe participated in the incident – “Stevan Petronijevic, Nenad Georgijev, Dalibor Vukicevic, Milan Ivanovic, Nikola Niciforovic, Ivan Pelevic, and Ivan Petrovic.”

Zoran Milojevic, however, denied these allegations to KoSSev, claiming that he did not even know about the visit of the officials of the Alliance for Serbia.

„I really did not know about this, this is the first time I heard of this. Out of all the names you mentioned, I am familiar with one. It’s not my group, nor have I got anything to do with it,“ he told KoSSev.

The owner of TV Mir, Nenad Radosavljevic, who interviewed opposition leader Dragan Djilas today, described the incident in great detail to KoSSev. Radosavljevic’s version of events mostly matches the version of the Alliance for Serbia. He, further more, added that several women, who were accidentally in the vicinity of the restaurant, loudly complained about the behavior of the young men.

Radosavljevic did not identify the men who caused the incident. The transcript of his detailed testimony is available in Serbian.

Srpska Lista: Appropriate greeting to those who agitate the people

The largest Kosovo Serb party, Srpska Lista was the first one to react to the incident with a statement. We publish the statement in its entirety:

“One of the leaders of the so-called Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas, visited Leposavic today, where he blatantly drove around in a luxurious BMW in which he hid from the people who welcomed him suitably – with catcalls – which is fitting for one of the biggest political profiteers in our national history and a representative of the government that gave a confirmation to the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

Of course, Djilas did not come to Kosovo and Metohija in order to contribute to the consolidation of national unity or to contribute to the political cohesion of Serbs, and thus to the capacity of our people to defend themselves against ever more serious threats and challenges.

Djilas came to Kosovo and Metohija to disturb the people and divide them on the very day when the Albanians manifest national unity at every step, bowing down to the shadow people who are terrorists for us, and national heroes for them.

The question is why Djilas decided to come to Leposavic, which will soon be under the strongest pressure from Pristina, as the most valuable ore deposits and processing capacities of Trepca in the north of Kosovo and Metohija are located on the territory of this municipality. And not even for a moment did he raise his voice and stand in defense of our plant on which the survival of a third of Serbs in the north of Kosovo depend on. As he did not stand against the decision of his partners from Pristina, nor did he come to support us in those protests in the four months since the introduction of anti-civilization taxes.

We are convinced that Djilas did not accidentally choose either the time or the place of visit in Kosovo and Metohija and that he did not come here to encourage or reassure but to agitate and divide, and to organize protests here, not against Pristina, but against Serbia.

And since he had already decided to travel all that way, he could continue to Prekaz and bow down to the shadows of Adem Jashari, because there are people there who want the Serbs to be weakened and disunited, like he wants to.”

A “1 out of 5 million” protest will be held in North Mitrovica on Thursday, organized by a member of the Alliance for Serbia from the local political scene, the National Movement of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija „Otadzbina“, whose leaders Slavisa Ristic and Marko Jaksic were also present in Leposavic today.

“The delimitation, as conceived by Aleksandar Vucic, will ethnically rip apart not only Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija but also in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. The government is only creating a Greater Albania with delimitation,” this movement underlined.

The protest organized by ‘Otadzbina’ will be the third “#1of5million” protest held in North Mitrovica so far, and the seventh protest held in Kosovo. The protests are not supported by Srpska Lista or by the Serbian state headed by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic.



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