Otadzbina movement urges citizens to attend “#1of5million” protest

Kosovska Mitrovica, Crvkva Sv. Dimitrija, grad, panorama, dron
Foto: Kushtrim Isa

As a member of the Alliance for Serbia (Savez za Srbiju), the National Movement of Serbs from Kosovo ‘Otadzbina’ urged citizens to attend the „#1of5million“ protest walk on Thursday, March 7th at 6 pm in North Mitrovica. This is the first „#1of5million“ protest co-organized by this movement and the initiators of the protest that started in North Mitrovica and were later spread to Serb-majority areas south of Ibar.

‘Otadzbina’ stated that they are against the „partition and surrender of the southern Serbian province.“

“The delimitation, as conceived by Aleksandar Vucic, will ethnically rip apart not only the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija but also in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. The government is only creating a Greater Albania with delimitation,” this movement underlined.

They also emphasized that they are aware of the „enormous pressure placed on employees in public institutions“ who are not allowed to express dissatisfaction with „state policy of the dictatorial regime of Aleksandar Vucic,“ adding that they will file criminal charges against „all directors imposing sanctions against citizens who participate in the protest.“

As a member of the opposition Alliance for Serbia, this movement adheres to the 30-point program in which „the position on Kosovo and Metohija is unambiguous“:

The resolution of the status of Kosovo must be in line with Resolution 1244.

The Alliance for Serbia stated that they will not recognize a referendum on the status of Kosovo, which the “treacherous authorities in Belgrade” want to organize, because it is “anti-constitutional from the very start.”

Slavisa Ristic, the leader of Otazbina and the member of the National Assembly of Serbia stated for KoSSev that the protest is organized in cooperation with the previous organisers who will at a later date issue further information about the logistics of the event.

The protest organized by ‘Otadzbina’ will be the third “#1of5million” protest held in North Mitrovica so far, and the sixth protest held in Kosovo. The main demand of the protest in the north of Kosovo was for the killers and instigators of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic to be found, while protesters in Gracanica demanded from the President of Serbia to explain to Serbs in the central part and south of Kosovo what delimitation means.

The President of Serbia, together with his associates and Srpska Lista, counted the participants of these protests several times, emphasizing that protests were not well-attended. On the other hand, the organizers of these protests emphasized the importance of the freedom of thought and speech, and that the participants of the protest are subjected to institutional pressure, including dismissals.



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