Displaced people still cannot enter Kosovo through all administrative crossings


Displaced persons from Kosovo whose IDs were issued in the police directorate relocated to towns in central Serbia, can enter the territory of Kosovo at only two administrative crossings – Brnjak and Jarinje.

Milica Andric from the NGO New Social Initiative told Beta news agency that the freedom of movement of all residents of Kosovo who have old, yet valid, IDs issued in Kragujevac, Prizren, Nis, Jagodina, Krusevac, or Vranje, where the police directorates from Kosovo were relocated, is restricted as they are not allowed to pass through all crossings with central Serbia, North Macedonia or Montenegro.

In the last couple of days, several displaced citizens told the Beta agency that they were not allowed to enter Kosovo from Montenegro – at the administrative crossing Kula, on the road Pec-Rozaje, because they had „old“ IDs.

„According to the Belgrade and Pristina agreement, citizens who have old documents can enter Kosovo from central Serbia only at three out of five crossings – Brnjak and Jarinje, and occasionally Merdare. Everyone who travels from Montenegro should head toward the Brnjak crossing,“ Andric explained.

When asked by Beta to comment on the decision of the Kosovo authorities to restrict the freedom of movement of displaced citizens, Andric described it as discriminatory.

„Displaced persons should not be blamed for the unresolved relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and they must not be discriminated against. Even if they wanted to, they would face problems while taking out Kosovan documents,“ Andric pointed out.

In her words, this problem should have been resolved within the Brussels talks – „because it arose 10 years ago in Brussels when an agreement on freedom of movement was reached.“

I’m not aware whether Srpska Lista officials in the assembly or the government of Kosovo initiated a resolution to the problem regarding the personal documents of 250,000 displaced persons, Andric reveals.

Srpska Lista official and the president of the municipality of North Mitrovica, Milan Radojevic, rejected Beta’s request for comment.

„If the Belgrade and Pristina representatives were willing to listen to the problems of the displaced, the problem with the old documents would be solved immediately,“ Andric emphasized.

She said that the citizens, after receiving a document confirmed their entry or exit, „can enter central Serbia with an ID card of the so-called Republic of Kosovo.“



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