Defense attorneys on „media indictment“ for Ivanovic’s murder: “Everything is upside down here,” “Not the first time”

Foto: AP Photo/Bojan Slavkovic / Mesto ubistva Olivera Ivanovića
Foto: AP Photo/Bojan Slavkovic / Mesto ubistva Olivera Ivanovića

A day after Kosovo media suddenly published photographs of the alleged indictment against six suspects in the Oliver Ivanovic murder case, while also announcing that a protected witness’ statement would be „exclusively“ presented to the public on Tuesday, defense attorneys told KoSSev that they have yet to receive the indictments. On the other hand, the Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha was unable to confirm whether the indictment published by the Pristina-based Gazeta Express was authentic. „I don’t have the time to keep track of the media,“ Hoxha told KoSSev.

Early last week, Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office issued an indictment against six people suspected of involvement in the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic, informing the public about the indictment through a press release.

A week later, the Pristina-based portal Gazeta Express exclusively published photos of the alleged indictment, while also posting a few scanned passages.

In a brief phone conversation with the KoSSev portal, the Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha failed to confirm whether the published indictment was authentic because, in his words, he has „no time to keep track of“ the media.

Hoxha, however, added that he knows „that the prosecution has forwarded the indictment to the court.“

He then immediately cut off the connection and we were unable to get answers to the following questions: “Has the prosecution forwarded the indictment to the media? When will the indictment be officially published in Serbian language? How did the media obtain the indictment? Why was the indictment not delivered to the defense?“

We sent the same questions to the spokesperson of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Ekrem Lutfi, via e-mail, who replied with a link to a press release published on the prosecution’s website on December 2nd.

The indictment has still not been submitted to the defense

Halimi: „They apparently changed their practice“

A lawyer of one of the indicted, Marko Rosic, Mahmut Halimi said in a statement to KoSSev that he was promised at the Prosecutor’s Office on Friday that he would receive the indictment by email, which still did not happen.

Speaking about the fact that the indictment first reached the media, even though it has not yet been submitted to the defense, Halimi says that this is not the first time such things have happened.

„Although it should be handed to us first, then to the media. But another good thing is that we (defense attorneys) have no right to give the indictment to anyone by law, not even the press, so they have often accused us of allegedly delivering it to them. However, now it looks like they have changed their practice, so they give it to the media first, then to us, all so that they cannot accuse us of this anymore,“ he underlined.

Korenica: „Everything is upside down here“

Nedeljko Spasojevic’s lawyer, Faruk Korenica also confirmed for KoSSev that he had not received the indictment.

„Nothing is done here as it should be done, instead of first giving the case files to the lawyers. So that we are kept up to date… This is done for the sake of someone’s publicity,“ Korenica said.




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