Dacic: Another country has annulled recognition of Kosovo, I’m not tweeting, I’m showing the papers. Pacolli quoted Cosic

At a press conference in Belgrade yesterday, the head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic announced that another country has annulled its recognition of Kosovo. He did not want to specify what country but said that the note arrived by e-mail and that the official delivery of the note was expected on Monday or Tuesday. This, he added, is the sixth note on the annulment of the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo, while Egypt has no „paper“ on this recognition. „Let Pacolli and Pristina show, on paper who recognized Kosovo“ – Dacic said. On the other hand, Behgjet Pacolli responded by quoting Dobrica Cosic.

Pacolli: Dacic’s doctrine is a lie

Prior to a press conference, Pacolli responded to Dacic’s announcement of the annulment by posting „a guide to creating Ivica Dacic’s and the Serbian government’s policy“ on his Facebook page, by quoting Dobrica Cosic.

„Read the doctrine he leads regarding Kosovo, and the news produced by the media controlled by Serbia.

Dobrica Cosic, ‘the father of the Serbian nation’:
‘… A lie is a form of Serbian patriotism and the confirmation of our innate intelligence. We creatively, imaginatively, inventively lie.’
„A lie is a Serbian state interest.“
„A lie lies in the very essence of Serbs.“
„In this country, every lie eventually becomes a truth.“
– “Serbs have been saved by a lie many times in history…“

„I will not say which country has annulled recognition today, let them (Western diplomats) try to discover for themselves by Monday or Tuesday. Let them ask around. This is the note of a state that has annulled the recognition of Kosovo the day before yesterday. This note was e-mailed to me, and to avoid questions about its truthfulness, we will wait – until Monday or Tuesday – for the official note, which will arrive at our nearest embassy and then we will show it,“ Dacic said.

We wanted to publish all notes together, this is becoming ridiculous

„For a while, I thought that I should wait for two or three countries to annul the recognition so that we could publish all notes together, this is becoming ridiculous. In diplomatic relations, under the Vienna Convention, there are notes used as a way of communication. You saw all the notes – this is the sixth. Six notes on the annulment of the recognition of the so-called state of Kosovo. I would ask them to show different notes if they have them, but those which are valid,“ Dacic said, referring to Pristina, he added:

„I do not have the time to talk to everyone. Trust me when I say that most countries we have been talking to do not know when and who recognized Kosovo and why it was recognized.“

„Do not spoil my job“

Dacic’s message to the media:

„I would also like to point out that you must be careful when you’re reporting Pacolli’s tweets. If he had some paper, he would show it. He would not show the Liberian newspaper he took a photo with on that day. The fact that Vea (the President of Liberia) has received him, well, let him show that they changed the decision they made here. Let him show!“
We will continue the diplomatic battle

„Unfortunately, now I have to hide where I am going, because wherever I go – I’ll tell you what happened to me. I went to Kazakhstan, and a man approached me at the VIP Lounge in Frankfurt and said, ‘I am Pacolli’s brother.’ We said hello, he went his way. On my way back from Kazakhstan, Pacolli’s other brother was seated next to me. It is not disputable, we are not doing anything that is not in the interest of our country and we will continue this diplomatic battle,“ Dacic spoke about one of his travels.

He also spoke about the last talks in Brussels in which he participated, where Kosovo’s diplomacy chief, Behgjet Pacolli, told him, in front of Federica Mogherini: „Do not spoil my job.“

„Well, we spoiled his job. You need to be aware of the great effort and pressure which is placed on those countries that, nonetheless, made the decision to annul the recognition,“ Dacic said.

„I’ve visited half the world, the countries cannot find papers on their recognition of Kosovo“

In the end, he said:

„I’m not tweeting, I’m showing you papers. Let Pacolli and Pristina show on paper who recognized Kosovo. I visited half the world on this subject. The countries do not know, they cannot find those papers. They are surprised. They do not know who and when they recognized Kosovo. Egypt does not have a ‘written’ paper of its recognition of Kosovo, not to mention other countries.“

Dacic also thanked the Serbian President for the „support he provided,“ adding that such diplomatic activity is crucial to „a negotiating position that is much stronger because it shows that the matter is not lost.“

We are ready for this compromise, the agreement, he said, stating:

„Let everyone say what an agreement or compromise would look like. I was brave, and at least I spoke my mind. It’s easy for someone to talk and curse, without suggesting anything realistic.“

According to data from Belgrade, the following countries made the decision to annul the recognition of Kosovo: Sao Tome and Principe, Suriname, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, and Liberia.

On the other hand, Pristina has been denying these allegations.

According to the Kosovo Office, 108 countries recognized Kosovo, including Guinea-Bissau, and according to the Kosovo MFA, 116 countries.



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