Associations of the missing and killed: Freeze the dialogue, organise a referendum, internationalize the Kosovo Serbian issue…

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Freeze the Brussels dialogue, arrest „Albanian terrorists Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj“, organize a referendum with a posed question before Serbian citizens on whether they support the entry of Serbia into the European Union without Kosovo, internationalize the issue of Kosovo Serbs – these are some of the suggestions that have been presented in today’s round table on internal dialogue on Kosovo in Belgrade by representatives from associations of the missing and murdered people and their family members. The 30th in a row, this was another round table that passed without the highest political representatives from Belgrade, which was objected to again during today’s assembly.

Dragan Piljević from the „Association of Families of the Kidnapped and Murdered in Kosovo and Metohija“ said that it is unacceptable that „no Albanian“ was prosecuted for crimes against Serbs while on the other side „the criminals are rewarded by the international community with high positions in a terrorist NATO country“.

He recalled data sourced by the Serbian government that 270,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians were expelled from Kosovo.

Snezana Markovic-Zdravkovic, a lawyer for the families of the kidnapped and murdered Serbs, raised an objection to the lack of law on war civilian victims in Serbia.
She also called on Serbian authorities not to allow, as she said, „the bloodshed of our people in Kosovo“ to be in vain if Serbia „recognizes an independent Kosovo“.

„There is talk of a frozen conflict. We shall have hard times if it defrosts, “ said Zdravković, whose father and brother were killed in Kosovo.

Simo Spasic asked „to freeze the dialogue in Brussels“ until the Pristina side is represented by „honest Albanians, not criminals“.

„We demand the absence of Thaci and Haradinaj from Brussels, instead the Special Court immediately arrest the commanders of the terrorist KLA – Haradinaj, Thaci, Limaj, Veseli, and Ceku. We ask that the Special Court condemn them in line with command responsibility,“ said Spasic.

Also, Spasic claimed that the families were asking for a referendum with the question „Are we going to enter the EU without Kosovo and Metohija and do you agree that Serbia should be in the EU without Kosovo?”

A University professor Dusko Celic of „The Coordination of Serbian Associations of families of the missing, murdered and killed persons from the former Yugoslavia“ (Serbian Coordination) also complained that no high state representative attended today’s meeting. He asked to meet with President Vucic to discuss the problems of the families of the kidnapped and murdered.

„We need to get out of this passive position by which we are told that the Serbs are guilty and that they are defeated. It’s a matrix in Brussels. I cannot imagine that the issue of a phone number is more important than the issue of victims,“ said Celic.

„We need to raise our voice and internationalize the issue of Serbian rights in Kosovo,“ emphasised Dusan Celic.

The meeting was attended by the deputy director of the Office for KiM, Dusan Kozarev, who left during the meeting, excused for family reasons; Dragan Vladisavljevic from the Office for the Coordination of Affairs in the Negotiating Prospect with Pristina, and Director of the Office for Cooperation with the Civil Sector, Zarko Stepanovic.

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