An Initiative to recall mayor submitted in Leposavic as well; Radović: No party support


After North Mitrovica and Zubin Potok, an initiative for the removal of the mayor had also been submitted in Leposavic.

The request for the removal of the current mayor, Lulzim Hetemi, was submitted to the president of the Leposavic Municipality Assembly, Gorski Burić.

The news was confirmed for KoSSev by the Deputy Minister of Communities and Return, Radoica Radomirović, who is a Leposavic local.

„They submitted the request to Gorski. The procedure is underway, on Monday the request will be taken to Pristina,“ he told KoSSev.

Third time’s the charm

Veselin Radović, a lawyer from Leposavic, confirmed for KoSSev that the request had been submitted, saying that he personally handed it to the President of the Municipal Assembly.

According to Radović, this was his third attempt to submit the request. He blames the local government for the previous two failures to do so.

He says that he initially attempted to submit the request on December 5, that is, on the day when citizens visited municipal buildings in Zvecan, North Mitrovica and Zubin Potok with the same goal.

„The first time I went, I was told that I should do it in Pristina. Knowing the procedure, I tried to explain that I should submit it to the municipality of Leposavic. They were not receptive to me handing it over to the municipality of Leposavic,“ said Radović for KoSSev.

The second attempt, which took place on Thursday, was also unsuccessful.

„Mister Lulzim Hetemi showed up. I insisted that a meeting be scheduled with the president of the municipal assembly, so that I would not wait in the hallway,“ he added.

The meeting was scheduled for Friday at 11:00 a.m., when Radović spoke with this municipal official and handed him the request.

„The request was accepted by the MA chairman. I kept one copy, and left two – one goes to the CEC, and the other is sent to the mayor,“ added Radović.

Now there is a deadline of five days in which the municipality must respond to the applicants’ request.

There is no political party behind us

When asked who are the other signatories of the request for the removal of the mayor, Radović said that they are ordinary citizens, and refused to reveal their names. He also underlined that the entire initiative to replace the mayor came from the citizens themselves, and that no political party stands behind them.

„There are no political parties. As citizens, we submitted a request, and then, as citizens, we will ask for support from everyone,“ he said.

On the other hand, he admits that there was coordination with the citizens who started the procedure for replacing the mayors of Zubin Potok, Zvecan and North Mitrovica.

„We wanted it to be a united move,“ he stated.

The initiative for the removal of the mayor was submitted on Friday to the president of the Zubin Potok Municipality Assembly, and the day before to the president of the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly.

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