An incident at the burning of the badnjak tree in ZP, the locals chant insults at Petkovic and SL

During the traditional burning of the oak tree near the church of St. Trojica in Zubin Potok, an incident broke out when a group of citizens started chanting insults at the head of the Kosovo Office and SL officials, accusing them of betrayal and reduced security. During the incident, Srpska Lista officials surrounded Petkovic, and showed no reaction to the insults, while the priests, led by Bishop, unsuccessfully tried to calm the enraged citizens.

The administrator of the Instagram page „Zubin Potok info“ and journalist, Andrija Lazarevic, confirmed the news in a statement for KoSSev.

„After the fireworks, the Bishop gave a speech. At that moment, a smaller group stood apart and started throwing insults and chanting against Petar Petkovic and Srpska Lista. They cried, ‘Albanians are protecting you, is this a 10-0 victory,'“ said Lazarevic.

According to him, the chanting lasted up to eight minutes. The bishop, together with the local priests, unsuccessfully tried to calm down the angry citizens.

„They shouted at Petar Petkovic for about seven to eight minutes. Srpska Lista surrounded Petar Petkovic, they did not react. The bishop unsuccessfully tried to calm them down, but they told him – ’Bishop, try to understand us, the Albanians are protecting us,'“ Lazarevic described the atmosphere.

A Kosovo police vehicle, with its emergency vehicle lighting on, was spotted near the church. It is assumed that Petkovic came to the church escourted by this car.

The incident ended peacefully, Lazarevic stressed.


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According to an earlier announcement, the Bishop was set to consecrate the oak tree in North Mitrovica. In the end, however, he did not come to this northern town. The Kosovo Office announced earlier today that Petkovic will be visiting Zubin Potok.

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