Amfilohije: Delimitation has nothing to do with reasonableness, I rely on God to give them wisdom

Mitropolit crnogorski Amfilohije FOTO: B92
Mitropolit crnogorski Amfilohije FOTO: B92

„We have endured greater evil and troubles – the Ottoman Empire, Nazism, fascism, and communism, we will probably endure scraps of all what has happened to us in the past, particularly in Kosovo and Metohija,“ the Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije said.

He criticized the idea of the ethnic delimitation proposed by the Serbian President as a solution of the Kosovo issue, which, as Vucic himself said earlier this year, he had always advocated.

„What kind of delimitation are they making? And where are they making this delimitation? It has nothing to do with intelligence, with reason. I rely on God to give them reason, because one cannot negotiate with something that is a being, that is the soul of the people, regardless of the efforts of great powers,“ said the Metropolitan, the church-channel TV Hram reported.

He stated that these are the people who were ignorant about Visoki Decani, denying the reliquary of the St. King and forgetting the essence of Pec Patriarchate – the throne of archbishops.

Metropolitan Amfilohije called the efforts of the international political scene aimed at Serbia’s renouncement of Kosovo and Metohija- „the Murat-like life philosophy.“

„To accept that, as far as Kosovo and Metohija is concerned, where the struggle has been going on for more than 600 years, it is not reasonable and it is not a smart thing. I still have a hope in God to protect our bishop Teodosije, our priests, monks and nuns and people – the purest and strongest,“ said the Metropolitan.

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