Ahmetaj on Thaci and Veseli’s indictments: I don’t expect resignations or protests

Nora Ahmetaj
Foto: Radio Kim

The Special Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague announced today that it submitted an indictment to the Specialized Chambers against the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, and his comrade-in-arms and party colleague, now opposition MP in the Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli on April 24th.

The news greatly shocked the Kosovo public. The founder of the Center for Research, Documentation, and Publication, Nora Ahmetaj told KoSSev that this announcement will not result in the resignation of the Kosovo president. Ahmetaj also said that she does not expect protests.

Ahmetaj revealed that she was surprised by the timing of the announcement that the indictment had been submitted to the court, stressing that it came at a very unstable political moment.

On the other hand, Ahmetaj does not expect that Thaci or Veseli would resign because an indictment has been filed against them.

„I don’t believe that now is the best time, nor do I believe that President Thaci would resign now, ahead of the meeting in the United States, and the start of a new dialogue,“ Ahmetaj said.

According to her, the same goes for Veseli, whose current intentions are difficult to discern.

Although the KLA Veterans’ Organization had in the past repeatedly announced protests against the Specialist Chambers, Ahmetaj believes that there will be no major protests.

„In recent years, several NGOs have conducted research on whether people would protest possible indictments against former KLA commanders and current politicians when it comes to war crimes, and the results suggest they would not support those protests,“ she said.

Ahmetaj added that people are tired because of the way these individuals have dealt with politics in the past as well as because of numerous allegations of corruption, noting that this is why they will not get the public’s support in this form.

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