Abbott: Whatever the reaction to the Constitutional Court’s decision, it should be peaceful and calm


Whatever the decision of the Constitutional Court, it is important that it is respected by all; it may lead to new elections or a new government – the British ambassador to Pristina, Nicholas Abbott reacted pending a decision by the Kosovo Constitutional Court on whether there will be a new Kosovo government without elections or if new elections will be called.

“Some people will be pleased, others will be disappointed, some may be overjoyed, others may be angry. Whatever the reaction, it is in Kosovo’s best interests, as a young parliamentary democracy, for such a change to happen peacefully and calmly, without exaggerated political rhetoric and without the threat of violence,” Abbott said in a statement.

This is an important week for Kosovo, he recalled, adding that the public expects to hear from the Constitutional Court about the next steps in the political process following the vote of no-confidence in the Assembly two months ago.

“It is important that their decision is respected by all. All political leaders, in state institutions or political parties, should act to ensure that Kosovo’s political stability and security, as well as its international standing, are not undermined.”

Abbott’s alert arrives in the midst of mutual accusations of LVV and Albin Kurti, on the one side, and Hashim Thaci or LDK, on the other, regarding who exactly violated the Kosovo constitution, usurped power and acted illegally, but also ahead of the Constitutional Court’s final decision on the decree of the Kosovo president which appointed Avdulah Hoti from the ranks of LDK as the prime minister-designate of the new government.

Thaci himself expects a positive outcome, as does the LDK. This party formed a coalition in the meantime and claims to have a majority to form the government. On the other hand, the Self-Determination movement expects a negative judgment on the legality of the decree. This party addressed the Constitutional Court on the same day that Thaci signed the decree – April 30th.

At the same time, the President of the Kosovo Assembly, Vjosa Osmani, who opposes Thaci’s decree, even though she is a member of the LDK, claimed that the President of Kosovo himself has taken over the competencies of the Assembly.

The Constitutional Court temporarily suspended the implementation of this decree on May 1st and set a deadline to reach a final decision by May 29th.

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