15 more people in Kosovo Serb communities corona positive, new measures introduced in the north

KBC Kosovska Mitrovica
KBC Kosovska Mitrovica, Foto: KoSSev

Although there have been no confirmed coronavirus cases in the north of Kosovo for more than two weeks, the number of infections started rising again on Friday.

The results of the samples taken on June 18th, 22nd, and 25th revealed 15 new patients from the territory of Kosovo and five patients from the territory of central Serbia – „mostly students“, the epidemiologist Aleksandar Antonijevic said at the North Mitrovica emergency team meeting on Monday.

The information was released only now. In the wake of the increase in the coronavirus cases, the emergency teams from the four northern municipalities introduced a new set of measures today. It follows new alerts from Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic shortly after the elections were over in Serbia and a few other mass gatherings, including sports matches but also celebrations of the government and SNS officials.

Until recently, no cases of infections were recorded in Serb-majority areas south of the Ibar since the outbreak started, while stricter emergency measures were in force. The first cases however have been recently recorded in Gorazdevac and Gracanica.

Twelve new coronavirus cases were registered in the municipalities in the north, while the remaining three cases were recorded in the village of Donja Gusterica, Prizren and Pec/Peja. The place of residence of 5 newly infected persons from the territory of central Serbia have not been announced. It was revealed, however, that the patients are currently in North Mitrovica.

According to the latest data, there are seven new coronavirus cases in North Mitrovica, 2 in Zvecan, 2 in Leposavic, and 1 in Zubin Potok.

Results for 16 samples are pending – 12 that were taken on June 22nd, and another 4 taken on June 26th.

At today’s press conference, Antonijevic also revealed that 30 people were tested today. So far, 1,948 people have been tested, 134 of which tested positive. He also said that the testing will be performed more often but also that all samples will be sent to the Belgrade-based „Vatreno Oko“ laboratory with samples initially having been tested in Torlak and then Kraljevo in a later stage.

Out of 15 new cases, six people hospitalized at the North Mitrovica Hospital Center

The head of the infectious diseases department, Danica Radomirovic said at the press conference today that out of 15 new coronavirus cases, six patients were hospitalized in the infectious diseases department at the North Mitrovica Hospital Center.

She appealed to all those who feel the symptoms of the coronavirus to report to the Covid-19 clinics in the municipalities in the north of Kosovo. Radomirovic confirmed that as of today, considering the new situation, the clinics will be open from 7 am to 8 pm.

KoSSev did not attend the news conference as again it was not invited or informed.

Since the COVID hospital located in the student dormitories no longer exists, Antonijevic underlined that more stable patients would be sent home for 14 days-long self-isolation.

Antonijevic confirmed for KoSSev that those who had contact with the infected are not tested if they do not exhibit symptoms. The epidemiologist added that citizens can do a PCR test and fast serology testing on request in the Health Centers in Kosovo Serb communities.

Although the number of new patients would rise in the coming period, the Mitrovica doctor added that there is currently no room for panic.


The emergency teams announced that all activities in the north have been canceled until further notice, such as gatherings of a larger number of people. This measure includes a ban on gatherings both indoors and outdoors, such as sports events, concerts, celebrations, nightclubs, and the like.

At the same time, businesses within the hospitality sector in the municipality of Leposavic are limited operate until 10 pm, and 11 pm in the case of the remaining three municipalities.

Restaurants and other catering facilities are also required to respect a set of measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.






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