Vulin: „What you give to Shiptars you cannot forbid to Serbs“


The Kosovan and Albanian governments held a joint session today – the sixth such session since 2014. Rama’s statement which alleged that the port of Durres is Kosovan prompted Aleksandar Vulin to announce that Edi Rama continues to work on creating a Greater Albania, that the EU will remain silent again, followed by that only united Serbs can stop it. In documents previously signed in Washington by Aleksandar Vucic and Avdullah Hoti, however, the „Adriatic Port“, although its name was not specified, was included as part of the agreed point on a rail connection between Belgrade and Pristina.

In total, 14 agreements were signed in Tirana today, including a „Memorandum of Cooperation in the Field of Railway Transport“.

Point 2 of the documents signed in Washington on September 4th by Aleksandar Vucic and Avdullah Hoti, which were presented to the public as documents on the „normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo“, states:

“Both parties will implement the Belgrade-Pristina rail agreement previously signed on February 14th, 2020. In addition, both parties will commit to a joint feasibility study on options for linking Belgrade-Pristina rail infrastructure to a deep sea port in the Adriatic.”

Although the document did not specify the name of the port, a portion of the public interpreted it to be the port of Durres in Albania.

At today’s joint session of the Kosovan and Albanian governments in Tirana, Edi Rama said that Durres will become a „strategic port“ – not only for Tirana, but for Pristina as well.

„The agreement we will soon sign to facilitate customs procedures between the two countries leads us to the destination, the transformation of the port of Durres into a de facto port of Kosovo,“ Rama said.

The acting Serbian Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin interpreted Rama’s statement as an attempt to create a „great disaster“ – i.e. „Greater Albania.“ Vulin also referred to the Albanians as „Shiptars“. According to him, only united Serbs could stop „Greater Albania.“

“By saying that the port of Durres will be Kosovan, Edi Rama continued his work on creating a ‘Greater Albania’.“ Like all the times before, the European Union will remain silent and they will not do anything. Shiptars can unite themselves and seize other people’s territories, and Serbs cannot be united even on their own land, so the lie is being repeated that ‘Greater Albania’ is a natural Albania, and Serbs united in one state are a threat to peace,“ stressed Vulin in a statement published on the official website of the Serbian Ministry of Defense.

„‘Greater Albania’ is an announcement of a great disaster, the breaking up and destruction of states and nations in the Balkans. Only united Serbs can stop ‘Greater Albania’, and the sooner we unite institutionally, the sooner the time of peace in the Balkans will begin. What you give to the Shiptars, you cannot forbid to the Serbs,“ Vulin added.

Rama on „removing the border“

Although Kosovo Prime Minister Edi Rama said during today’s joint session of the two governments that their ambition is to „remove the borders between Albania and Kosovo“, he explained at a joint press conference held after the meeting that such a thing could not happen without a regional agreement, Klan Kosova reports.

„Albania and Kosovo cannot bilaterally decide to remove the border because Belgrade would not be the only one to react, Washington and Brussels would do the same as well because the first thing they will say that it is a Greater Albania.“

He emphasized that there are people who do not understand the „simple connection“ between „removing obstacles between Kosovo and Albania“ and „regional Schengen“.

On the other hand, Rama confirmed that the two governments discussed „removing the border“ at today’s session. He pointed out that there is no way that someone from Belgrade or Brussels „could come now and proclaim ‘Greater Albania’, since they entered the regional process.“

„The sea belongs to the Albanians, it does not belong to the Serbs, the port belongs to the Albanians, it does not belong to the Serbs,“ Rama emphasized, expressing hope that „the madness has come to an end,“ the Pristina media reported.

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