Vulin: The Armed Forces did not illegally cross the ABL, it was a regular patrol with KFOR

Foto: Ministarstvo odbrane Srbije

Three days after a group of Serbian Armed Force members reportedly illegally crossed the administrative boundary line in the territory of the village of Donje Karacevo in Kosovo, the Serbian Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin confirmed KFOR’s statement that it was a joint patrol of the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR. Vulin also said that the patrol had a predetermined course, as well as confirming that the Armed Forces did not illegally cross the ABL.

The Minister of Defense pointed out that this was a regular activity.

„The only fact is that a joint patrol of the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR and the Regional Command East – the Turkish contingent, along with two contingents from the US, conducted a joint patrol from 16.50 to 18.10 from the village of Muhovac to the village of Donje Karacevo, according to a pre-determined administrative line,“ said Vulin, reports FoNet.

He emphasized that the patrol course is well known and pre-determined.

Furthermore, Vulin claimed that, for several days now, Pristina has been attempting to „attack the Serbian Armed Forces once again“ so that they could say that international agreements are not being respected and that Belgrade is encroaching upon the administrative line.

He underlined that the goal of these attempts is to include members of the Kosovo Police Force in joint patrols.

„The Serbian Armed Forces have refused to do so several times. We have signed an agreement with KFOR – not with the KPS,“ Vulin said, adding that Belgrade only recognizes KFOR as someone tasked with maintaining security throughout Kosovo.

Ever since Self-Determination MP, Mefail Bajqinovci published a video from Karacevo near Kamenica on Friday night, claiming that the Serbian armed forces allegedly entered this village, and calling on Kosovo security institutions to „urgently react to protect the citizens, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo,“ Kosovo media have been reporting extensively on the situation.

Following numerous reactions from Kosovo officials, KFOR reacted with a press release on Saturday afternoon, stating that KFOR and the Serbian Armed Forces conducted a joint patrol along the administrative boundary line, in order to provide security and ensure that there are no accidents. They also indicated that the administrative boundary line stretches for approximately 350 kilometers and is not clearly marked on the terrain, nor is it defined by natural and recognizable elements of the terrain, such as rivers or mountain ranges.

Residents of the village of Karacevo claimed that they feel unsafe because of this event. They announced they will be protesting on Wednesday, demanding that the Kosovo government take stock of the situation in Karacevo.

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