Vucic welcomes Rohde in Belgrade despite previously claiming that he is known for his „anti-Serb views“

Despite referring to the German ambassador in Pristina as someone who is known for his anti-Serb views on several occasions, the Serbian President welcomed Jorn Rohde in Belgrade today.

A group of German ambassadors from the region, including the ambassador in Pristina, Jorn Rohde, headed by the envoy for dialogue, Manuel Saracen, visited the president of Serbia today. The group included ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Germany to Belgrade, Tirana, Sarajevo, Skopje, Podgorica and Pristina.

„I welcomed the ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Germany from the region, as well as representatives of the Federal Government of Germany, including Manuel Saracin, who are visiting Belgrade. I highlighted the importance that Serbia assigns to relations with Germany and reiterated the firm positions of our country when it comes to cooperation in the region and respect for international law,“ said Vucic.

Vucic and part of the Serbian media have been criticizing Germany regarding its policy towards Serbia for months, underscoring that it wants „full dominance in the Balkans“, although the Serb President also emphasized the importance of Germany as Serbia’s economic partner.

Furthermore, Vucic recently used pretty strong words to describe Rohde, after the German diplomat said during a guest appearance on a Kosovan television channel that the barricades were illegal and that the Serbs should remove them, especially ahead of Christmas. Vucic accused him of making „dangerous and threatening statements“ alleging that he „would like everything to be resolved before Christmas, regardless of how many Serbs are killed“.

According to Vucic, Rohde is „well-known for his anti-Serb views“.

„From the minister of foreign affairs to the almighty ambassador in Pristina who interferes in everything – in what kind of beans can be consumed in North Mitrovica, and what kind of beans can’t be eaten in Zubin Potok. I wonder whether they became KFOR commanders or members of the Security Council, maybe I was not informed.“

He also had several questions for the German ambassador:

„A few questions arise for every Rohde: Wasn’t it easier for you, my friend, to ask them to implement the ASM as desired by the Serbian people who fought for it? Wasn’t it easier for you to say where Mr. Pantic is, what about Mr. Adzic? Why weren’t you aware for nine years that Mr. Trajkovic allegedly committed war crimes, and after nine years, when he left the police, you remembered that he had committed them? How come you haven’t noticed in that ‘fantastic legal state’ as you call Kosovo – you, Mr. Rohde and others – the illegal detention of Bratislav Nikolic from Strpce and five others has been going on for a year now.“

„Are you aware, Mr. Rohde, that proceedings are being led against 99 people employed in the municipality of Strpce for undermining the constitutional order of Kosovo, as well as against Dalibor Jevtic himself, just because he displayed the Serbian flag? Since he is not allowed to hang the Serbian flag on the municipal building. Is this the rule of law that you are praising?“

In his Instagram post, the president did not specify whether he personally asked the German ambassador these questions.

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