Vucic: We shouldn’t insult Albanians and their leaders – even if we think the worst of them – but to work on a compromise instead

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic announced last night, for the second time, that that there is a possibility that the summit in Paris would not be held, despite adding that Serbia would go to Paris. Vucic further stressed that international representatives know that Paris cannot be a catastrophe and accused Kosovo representatives of lacking a desire for compromise.

Below we publish the President’s key messages from last night’s interview with RTS:

On the Kosovo Police action in the north of Kosovo last week:

“First of all, I want to tell the citizens of Serbia something of special importance to them. When you behave unpleasantly, arrogantly, when you send 60 armored vehicles to supposedly arrest smugglers and in the end, you don’t hear anything about what these people did and what they were all charged with – I think it’s important that people know that this behavior is always a sign of weakness. When you arrogantly reject the implementation of an agreement that you yourself signed and when you announce it to the world, then it seems to me that you are showing the hard position you are in and how much weaker you actually are than you like to present yourself,” Vucic said.

“What worries me is that they will continue with the arrests. Not because they know anything about some kind of corruption, or because they are actually or seriously addressing it – the point is to weaken the north primarily, to take over the north or provoke Serbia to, without serious consequences, make terrible mistakes that would ruin it and destroy its reputation in the international public – which will not happen. And they have to know that if they endanger the lives of people, if they carry out a pogrom against our people, if they kill our people, that we would be able to protect our people,” he stressed.

We will protect the dignity and pride of our people as much as we can. We will try to escape from this sludge in which the Albanian leaders want to keep us. Whether we will succeed in doing that, it remains to be seen

On the compromise:

“They tried everything in order to give absolutely nothing. When they realized that when you are talking about compromise you must provide something, that you must give something, that you must make painful concessions, they concluded ‘why would we do that, it is easier for us to say: Serbia must recognize independence of Kosovo and that will be the end of it.’ Well, it’s nice that you said that, it’s nice that you have a lot of wishes you would like someone to fulfill, but it will not happen…” the President stated, adding:

“[…] we will go to Paris. But our position is clear, unchanged, and I would say absolutely rational and civilized – abolish the taxes, folks, we’ll have a dialogue to try to reach a compromise. But to reach a compromise with you saying, ‘Kosovo is inside these borders,’ well, no problem. ‘Kosovo is inside these borders,’ I will repeat the same sentence, and what will we do then?! Since you believe that Kosovo is independent within these borders and I consider that Kosovo is only part of the Republic of Serbia within these borders. And what will we do then?!”

Insulting Albanians, even their political representatives, and we think the worst of them, should not be in our interest. Instead, we should work on showing to the world that we are ready for a compromise, that it is clear who doesn’t want the compromise and that we are pushing for economic development, to see what can be done for our people and for our country, how can we help the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

On the Brussels Agreement:

“Even during this arrest, you could see all the advantages of the Brussels Agreement and how many ordinary people’s lives we saved by accepting what we accepted,” he noted, underlining:

“We show that we respect the Brussels Agreement because we are a serious country. A serious state that respects an act that has the power of an international legal treaty, and Albanians openly say that it means nothing to them. And somebody will tell me now, ‘Yes, they are smarter because they say they do not respect it,’ and why are they smarter? And what did they get by doing so and what did we lose?”



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