Vucic: We have had nothing in Kosovo since 2008; the Serbian army and the KSF – day and night

Belgrade cannot do much to help Kosovo Serbs, but it can fight. We have not had a de facto government since 1999, and we have nothing since 2008 – when Pristina declared independence, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said today.

The Army of Serbia and the KSF – day and night

The President of Serbia commented on the recent news that Kosovo has signed an agreement with Turkey to purchase 14 military vehicles.

This is a direct violation of Resolution 1244, Vucic stressed, assessing that Pristina is doing „everything against international law“.

He announced that he would also talk about the procurement of armored vehicles with „Turkish friends“.

„We will tell our Turkish friends about their Vurans (armored vehicles) that they delivered to the Albanians, but I want people to know that they don’t have to be concerned over this,“ the president said.

Vucic also thanked NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who reiterated during his recent visit to Pristina that NATO cooperates with the KSF only based on the original mandate and that some members of this alliance cooperate bilaterally – „based on the new mandate.”

According to the Serbian president, the messages Stoltenberg sent in Pristina are good and correct.

„Indeed, NATO had very correct messages. I want to believe that part of the result is my meeting with Jens Stoltenberg. I am grateful to him for fully respecting everything we talked about and showing respect for Serbia,“ Vucic added.

While highlighting the importance of maintaining peace in Kosovo, the president once again compared the Serbian Army and the KSF forces.

„You have to understand that their army and our army – and we don’t need to compare ourselves with them at all, because we have to maintain peace and progress economically to be much more successful than everyone else – are simply not in the same category. That is not the 90’s, they are day and night,“ said Vucic.

In his words, the most important thing is that there are good relations with KFOR and that Serbia is developing.

Dragica Gasic – a symbol of the return of Serbs they are bothered by

Vucic also addressed the case of the only Serb returnee to Djakovica, Dragica Gasic, alleging that this is not the only cause, but a paradigm – “that they are bothered by one woman as a symbol of returnees and the return of Serbs.”

The president also criticized TV Prva journalist Filip Cukanovic over the questions the journalist asked Dragica Gasic in this morning’s interview.

„But it’s not just that, look at how our media are treating this woman – ‘why do you really want to return?’ One cannot believe that this is coming from our media – that they are asking ‘why do you want to return to your hearth,’“ said Vucic.

We have had nothing since they declared independence

When asked by a TV Pink journalist how Belgrade can help Kosovo Serbs, the president replied that „it can’t do much“. He reiterated that Serbia has not had de facto authority in Kosovo since 1999, adding:

„Since 2008, we have had nothing since they declared independence, and when these experts of ours were silent. But we can fight, the international community can help with that.“

He also revealed that he would point out the issues the Kosovo Serb community is facing at the upcoming meeting in Brussels.

„We are fighting for our people, we are helping, we are paying the majority of salaries, pensions, everything, we will continue to do so and take care of our people,“ Vucic said.

Following yesterday’s letter, which the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, read in Zvecan on behalf of the president, Vucic once again thanked this municipality for declaring him an honorary citizen.

„It obliges me and I will always fight for the Serb tricolor to fly over Zvecan and the fortress, as much as I can and I will give my small contribution to that,“ the president concluded.



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