Vucic to EU and Pristina: It’s your turn – fulfill the Brussels, ASM, and neutral plates

We want the status-neutral KS license plates, give them to us right away, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said, adding that the Albanians refuse to do so. „You from the West, don’t pretend you don’t know this and don’t falsely interpret something that is wrong, that isn’t written anywhere. If it is written, say – Vucic, you liar, it’s written here. But I’m telling you it’s not written anywhere,“ he also said.

„Serbia won’t give up and it never withdraws its signature,“ the President of Serbia reiterated several times today at a medal award ceremony of the now-former major and captain of the Kosovo Police in the north, Nenad Djuric.

Djuric was suspended after announcing that police officers under his command will not hand out reprimands to drivers with vehicles registered to KM. Filipovic then took off his police uniform in front of the cameras and a dozen of his colleagues.

The latest license plate-related crisis is underway in Kosovo, which resulted in Kosovo Serbs withdrawing from Kosovan institutions.

International representatives call for an immediate de-escalation of tensions, urging the government in Pristina to postpone the deadline for reregistration for the next 10 months, and for the Serbs to return to Kosovo institutions.

While Pristina blames Belgrade, but also Russian elements for crime and efforts to provoke a conflict, refusing to withdraw the decision to completely remove plates with Serbian markings of towns in Kosovo by April 21st, and form the ASM, Vucic says:

„You absolutely invented all of this surrounding the plates, you even invented the prolongation, but it refers to the KS and RKS plates. Now it’s your turn, to fulfill the Brussels Agreement, and you don’t have to worry about the Serbs, our word has meant much more than the Pristina side and the EU signature.“

„Now it’s fully exposed and clear to everyone – that the institutions existed thanks to the fact that we respect our word and our signature. And today, even when the biggest powers, even if only formally, call on them to fulfill their obligations stemming from what they accepted and signed, they tell wild tales, but they will not respond to that call, because their only goal was to cause conflicts, to cause instability. Nothing more and nothing else.“

He accused Pristina of illegal action, saying that it intended to cause conflicts, but also to humiliate the Serbian people.

„You see that they still do not give up their illegal activities related to license plates, that it does not cross their minds to work on forming the ASM.“

„There are three signatures there, not one. One was from Prime Minister Dacic, there are two more signatures, one from the Albanian representatives from Pristina, and one from the EU. All of us in Serbia respected Dacic’s signature and did everything we were supposed to do. Now is the time to materialize these other two signatures, that is, to form the ASM just as the Serbs from Kosovo said. Do not falsely interpret the regulations that we jointly established and tell us that something is written even though it wasn’t.“

I understand what it’s like – from rubber-like norms, to flexible interpretation of norms, but don’t make things up

Vucic is set to travel to Paris, where he will meet with Josep Borrell and Miroslav Lajcak with whom he will discuss the situation in Kosovo. He expressed hope he will also have a meeting with Emmanuel Macron, as well as other officials.

„Let’s see what we can do to calm the tensions,“ Vucic stressed.

He revealed that he canceled his visit to Egypt and Qatar because of the situation in the north of Kosovo.

The Serb President had another message for Pristina:

„They can replace whoever they want, bring them from wherever they want, but they can’t replace Nenad Djuric, Aleksandar Filipovic, they can’t replace 300 or 400 other honorable policemen, judges and prosecutors, administrative staff, wonderful people who know in what country they live in and who know what nation they belong to. Belonging to a people means belonging to one big family. Living without one’s people is difficult, or dedicating one’s life against one’s people. Luckily, there are only a few of those. Our people in Kosovo dedicated themselves to the preservation of their people and the survival of their country, and they have only one country.“

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