Vucic: They plan to seize Valac – that would be terrible news for us, we are only making forced moves, I’m not sure it would be good news for them either

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The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, revealed at a press conference today that he is „a little concerned“ about the „threats“ of Kosovo Albanians that they will not be forming the ASM (Association of Serb-majority Municipalities).

„If you are not subject to international legal acts that are in force even as per their constitution – which does not affect us in any way, but even according to their normative system, these international legal agreements are above local legislation. They say that they do not respect them, or that they are not interested in something like that, while the international community is failing to react to it or reacts very mildly – then we are certainly in trouble,“ Vucic alerted the Serbian public.

He added, however, that he heard something along the lines of „at least 20 times“ from the chief negotiator of the Pristina delegation, Besnik Bislimi – in the presence of Albin Kurti.

„And he (cf. Bislimi) is always even louder than Albin Kurti. He is the one who has always told us unequivocally that they are not even thinking about fulfilling the points of the Brussels Agreement,“ he added.

Commenting on „other threats,“ the Serbian president also alerted the public about an „intrusion into Valac“.

„For some specific reason, they are waiting for November 6th. They think that they will join the Turks, the whole thing with the KEDS and KoSTT, which only you know about, our Belgrade journalists don’t know or follow it, but you understand it. And they plan to seize Valac in the next period, that would be catastrophically bad news for us, terrible news for our entire nation, but I’m not sure that it would be very good news for them either.“

In his words, whoever thinks that they should do that, needs to reconsider their actions, as well as the arrest of Ivan Todosijevic. The president reminded that Todosijevic is a family man who is not guilty of anything.

„I am not pleased with that situation. I’m worried, but there is nothing we can do. We can only make forced moves, unfortunately,“ said Vucic.

At the same time, he explained that it was not the result of Serbia’s actions.

„That is why the Brussels agreement was important, for it to be implemented, precisely so that we would avoid the situation in which we found ourselves today, but if they think that it’ll bring them something, that it suits them, I am afraid they are sadly mistaken,“ he adds.

At the same press conference, the president also commented on today’s statement by the German Ambassador to Pristina, Jorn Rohde, that politicizing sports is never a good idea. Rohde thus reacted to several days of contradictory claims and accusations traded between official Pristina and Belgrade on the reason why Kosovo boxers are not participating at the World Boxing Championship held in the Serbian capital. Read more:

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