Vucic: The US only interested in Kosovo’s independence, I’m waiting for the EU’s position

Vučiić Tanjug live
FOTO: Tanjug/Live

For the United States, Kosovo is an independent state. They are not interested in anything else and this will stay that way – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said, adding that he „does not want to deceive the public“. On the other hand, the president also emphasized that he is waiting to hear the EU’s position because, in his words, „they did not tell us at the beginning that recognizing Kosovo was the end of the process.“

„I try to tell the truth every day. For the US, Kosovo is an independent state and they are not interested in anything else other than recognizing Kosovo as an independent state. Everything else is trivial, everything else are just details, but that is the crux of the matter,“ the Serbian President said today after the grand opening of the renovated Palace of Justice in Belgrade, which was also attended by the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sam Fabrizi.

„Every administration of theirs (the US) will expect Kosovo’s recognition,“ the president underlined.

Vucic also stressed that he is expecting an official EU stance on resolving the Kosovo issue.
„What I expect is that the European Union will tell us its position. Because they didn’t tell us at the beginning that recognizing Kosovo was the end of the process. Instead, they said that it is – the signing of a binding document that would create conditions for normalization of Belgrade-Pristina relations,“ the president concluded.



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