Vucic: The bulk of work on the supply of goods was completed, I wouldn’t like to talk about how the goods arrived in the north

Aleksandar Vučić
Foto: Printscreen, RTS

“The delimitation is not Washington’s offer. On the contrary, different messages on this issue arrive from different branches of the Washington administration,” the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic told RTS this morning. The involvement of Americans and Russians is the key to resolving the Kosovo problem – he added. According to the President, this would be “an important achievement for Serbia’s future” if it were to happen during his mandate. However, he believes that this is not “realistic.”

The Serbian President underlined he would like to “establish lasting peace with the Albanians.”

“But how can a problem be solved when somebody tells you – you must recognize us and that is the only solution within these boundaries? While you previously had the right to sculpt and create boundaries as you desired – at Serbia’s expense. Both they and the western part of the international public shrug their shoulders to this and say – come on, just keep doing this and that’s it,” said Vucic.

Although he argued that the problem cannot be solved “without the involvement of the Americans and the Russians in the negotiations,” Vucic stated later in the interview that the problem should have been left to the Serbs and Albanians.

„This matter primarily concerns the Serbs and Albanians, and if they left us alone, it is possible that we would have already reached an agreement by now. But the problem is that neither Kosovo nor the issue of the former Yugoslavia was never just the issue of the people living there and the very essence of the policy I am leading is that we take the matter into our own hands,“ Vucic said.

When asked to confirm the truthfulness of the claims made by the former CIA director for Balkans, Steven Meyer, that Washington’s delimitation offer is on the table, but that it will not be there for long, the President said that “there is no such offer.” On the contrary, he added, there is “a rift” on this issue in different branches of the US administration.

„Talking to the NSI is one thing and talking to the State Department is another. When you talk to Trump’s close collaborators, they are more open to different solutions, because they haven’t always supported an independent Kosovo – primarily Secretary John Bolton. But you also have the State Department, the so-called deep state, and they stand firm on Serbia being pressured – Serbia is always the guilty party,“ the president explained.

In the last few days, contradictory statements arrived on whether there are goods in the north of Kosovo and where these goods are coming from. While entrepreneurs from the north claim that the “situation with the supply of food products is still very difficult” and that there is a shortage of basic goods and medicine, the president has been claiming for the past two days that he is satisfied and that they, when it comes to the supply of the goods in the north, „did the bulk of the work at least for the next month.“ Vucic, however, refused to say in what way the goods arrived in the north.

The Kosovo Customs denied, on several occasions, the Serbian President’s claims that goods from Serbia entered the north of Kosovo.

„You cannot supply someone with goods for the next year, the daily necessities are different. It will be difficult for the newspaper to arrive on a daily basis. They will come with the tax paid, but we managed to provide a good part of the other commodities. How? I wouldn’t like to talk about it, but I told you – there are some people who find it easy to talk and criticize everything and constantly comment on something – but someone has to take care of those people. It’s easy for you to claim the racks are empty and it’s easy for you to say – see where the Serbs have landed. Someone has to make sure that the goods pass, the goods that have double the price than normal cannot pass because, in this way, we cannot compete with anyone,“ Vucic said.

The President also announced that more than 20 joint agreements would be signed during the forthcoming Belgrade visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. In addition to political and economic cooperation, Vucic added, the two presidents would also be discussing the issue of Kosovo.



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