Vucic: The ban on employment in public institutions in Kosovo is lifted

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“Serbia has prepared very strong and harsh measures as a response to the actions of the Kosovo side, but will not implement them until the meeting in Paris,” the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said today after a meeting with representatives of Srpska Lista. He announced that he would inform Chancellor Merkel and President Macron of „Serbia’s response“ to Pristina’s behavior at the upcoming summit in Paris and stressed that there would be “no talks until the taxes are abolished.”

Vucic, however, did not give a concrete answer on whether the mayors of the four municipalities in the north could resign again, claiming that he only told them “to do their job.”

When asked about his answer on the possibility that the elected mayors in the north could resign again, Vucic mysteriously replied:

„I told them to do their job, so take it easy, we are just getting ready to speak to you about our decisions after Paris (meeting).“

„But our decisions will not be so easy for you. I know that many in Kosovo are waiting for our fatal mistakes so that they can get their hands on the north. They will have to do it in another way, but that will not happen,“ Vucic said.

One of the headlines from the press conference was his announcement of the lifting of the hiring freeze in public institutions in Kosovo on Vidovdan.

There must be still „some sort of reasonable behavior“ so that the Serbian budget would not be „dramatically damaged“ the President said.

„We agreed to lift the hiring freeze for our people in public institutions in Kosovo, but also that we need to maintain some sort of reasonable behavior on the issue so that the budget of Serbia is not dramatically damaged,“ Vucic said.

He announced that the regional water supply for the north of Kosovo, the Sunny Valley settlement, and the hotel in Banjska would start functioning also on Vidovdan.

That represents a big change for the north, he said.

He also reiterated his earlier claims that dozens of Serbs will be arrested in the north.

The Serbian President expressed his concern over “the preparation of the actions of the SIU (Special Intervention Unit).” He stated that „the arrest of dozens of Serbs in the north of Kosovo is being prepared.“

„We urge, we warn, we demand from the international community to prevent it, because in the madness of the struggle for ratings between the political parties of Kosovo Albanians, the Serbs are always the ones to suffer,“ he stressed.

Vucic also denied the allegations made by Bishop Grigorije, who stated that he had no opportunity to hear Vucic’s plan on Kosovo during the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church and that the conversation in the patriarchy quickly turned into an attack on Bishop Teodosije.

Srpska Lista after meeting with Vucic: „Ready to abandon these institutions again if necessary“

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