Srpska Lista after meeting with Vucic: „Ready to abandon these institutions again if necessary“

“People who voted for Oliver Ivanovic in the previous elections now voted for Goran Rakic,” the Head of the North Mitrovica Hospital Center, Milan Ivanovic said today, sharing his belief that this shows that the Serbs did not kill Ivanovic. Kosovo Serb representatives met with the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic and the Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric in Belgrade today. In a joint meeting, they adopted seven conclusions. Djuric announced in a press briefing afterwards that, according to him, it was one of “the most meaningful, perhaps one of the best meetings.”

Here are the seven points in brief:

1. First of all, Srpska Lista
2. No resting on our laurels
3. Ready to abandon positions and functions, if necessary
4. No dialogue until taxes are withdrawn
5. Serbia’s readiness to protect the Serb people with all available means
6. The absolute priority is the realization of projects initiated by the President
7. Gratitude to the President personally

Djuric: The north region has the largest number of discovered and resolved cases

Djuric also spoke about the „criminalization of the north“, which, according to him, is coming from certain circles and aims to “delegitimize elected Serb representatives in order to weaken the Serbian position, and for the north of Kosovo and only the Serbian environment to be shown as a hotbed of crime.“

„They are being inconsistent because the police reports of Pristina institutions, that is, reports of the Kosovo Police say that the police region in the north, where 96 or 97% of inhabitants are of Serb nationality, has the best results. It has the largest number of discovered and resolved cases. The smallest number of the most serious crimes occurred relative to the number of inhabitants in this area. These are not my statistics, these are the statistics of the official institutions in Pristina,“ added Djuric.

He claimed that there are criminal activities in the north of Kosovo, however, in his words, these activities occur less in this area when compared to other parts of Kosovo.

„The elected mayors in the north, as we have concluded, will carry out their duties at full capacity only if and to the point until the new political, security and economic pressures happen that would make their functioning in these positions meaningless, in which case they will, of course, leave their position,“ explained Djuric.

Rakic: „We are ready to abandon these institutions again if necessary“

„We are ready to abandon these institutions again if necessary, i.e. if there is no understanding by both Pristina and the international community, and not only the mayors, all of us will leave all institutions at all levels, from the very top to the most ordinary civil servant working in the municipality, not just in the municipality, when I say at all levels, I mean that we will also abandon the education and health institutions, although there aren’t any there, what matters is the prosecution, the court, the police, so, literally at all levels,“ Rakic stressed.

Milan Ivanovic: People who voted for Ivanovic in the previous elections, now voted for Rakic

„The attempt by Pristina and Pristina institutions to integrate northern municipalities has failed,“ the head of the North Mitrovica Hospital Center, Milan Ivanovic described the results of the elections in the north of Kosovo held on Sunday.

„The Serbs were united, they sensed the danger and prevented the threats to our vital interests in a democratic and peaceful manner,“ Ivanovic added.

He also revealed that people who voted for Oliver Ivanovic or other Serbian representatives in the previous elections in North Mitrovica have now voted for Goran Rakic.

„And this best rejects those crazy accusations of some opposition puppets who are trying to accuse their own country, who are trying to accuse Serbs of this crime against Oliver Ivanovic,“ Ivanovic concluded.

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