Vucic: If Kurti doesn’t want to talk about the ASM, but wants to discuss Kosovo’s recognition, they don’t have to invite me for talks

Foto: Instagram/buducnostsrbijeav

If Pristina believes that the ASM (Association of Serb-majority Municipalities) will not be discussed in Brussels, but that we will discuss Serbia’s recognition of the Republic of Kosovo, Kurti doesn’t have to come and if someone expects that from me, they don’t even have to invite me – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, said today.

Ahead of the announced arrival of the American-European duo in Belgrade in an attempt to prepare for a meeting between the Serbian president and the Kosovan prime minister in mid-June, at a joint conference with the Serb presidency member of BiH, Milorad Dodik, Vucic said that Serbia is ready for talks with Pristina. He also underlined that nothing good awaits him.

Nobody is bringing cookies, apples or a single nice message to Serbia. If you find a single good thing they will offer Serbia, please tell me, but I don’t complain

Although there is no ultimatum, difficult days await Serbia – the president alerted.

„Difficult days for the country. So what?! We have gone through those difficult days many times, we will go through them again. Serbia is ready for talks,“ Vucic said.

He underlined that the public must know that, in the talks, Serbia is being demanded to agree to mutual recognition. And it’s not like it was before – when the recognition was not demanded openly, they are now directly mentioning it – he emphasized.

„All the talks that are being held, everything that is being asked of Serbia, comes down to us recognizing Kosovo. We are looking to get the most we can for Serbia, the people and the Serbs in Kosovo out of the dialogue, but people should know that the biggest Western powers are asking Serbia to recognize Kosovo, one way or another, and our problem is that they are not even asking for it by wrapping it up in some other form, they are asking for it by directly mentioning mutual recognition,“ said Vucic.

I cannot explain to you how much we long for Albin Kurti’s recognition, since Serbia is not a member of the UN and we are not members of international bodies, so we will flourish when Albin Kurti recognizes us

The president also posed a question to „all those experts“ who said that „wonderful people are coming to power in Pristina“ and that with Kurti and Osmani comes „salvation“: „So where did these wonderful people go?“

Out of all of Pristina’s efforts, the president underlined that the efforts for the establishment of a Greater Albania remain. He also alleged that it was „impossible to listen to an avalanche of the harshest accusations” coming from the Pristina representative during the recently held Brdo-Brioni summit.

„There were no arguments. It was just shouting and screaming about how Serbs are rapists and how we should pay war reparations, and be held accountable for genocide. And you see that they have no desire to talk.“

No one in Serbia is creating drama, it is not time to panic, but we are facing difficult days, Vucic reiterated the same messages he sent two days ago. He also confirmed that a change in the mandate of the liaison office in Greece is being prepared, despite the denials.

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