Vucic: Idle talk, nothing happened, God willing, nothing will happen

Predsednik Srbije Aleksandar Vučić na Dan šaha
Aleksandar Vucic

„I don’t want anyone to die either in the North or in the South. I devoted all of my time, a tremendous amount of time, and a tremendous amount of energy to it“; „You invited me to respond to rude and impudent gossip“ – this is how the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, commented, from the Pink TV studio, on yesterday’s information about the „recent scenario of a mutually staged incident in the north of Kosovo to provoke partition in the field.“

The British, agency offices and „high anxiety“

“In Kosovo, we are fighting not only against Albanians and their interests, but we have adversaries here and in many Western countries,” the President said.

„You have seen what the British have done in the last two days, what they did before and what they are doing through their agency offices and in the territory of central Serbia and in Kosovo and North Macedonia and many other places,“ he added, not specifying what the British are doing precisely.

„There is high anxiety among certain Western factors,“ „among all those who do not have a solution,“ in Pristina, among „some in Belgrade“, who expected Serbia to „see complete a defeat and collapse in Kosovo,“ Vucic said, adding „now they will see it will not be quite like that“.

„And then they will say that everything we get, that everything we do, and all we get is much more than what we are because we have nothing,“ the President concluded.

They send me letters every day, preaching

„Now you see an explosion of those who cannot get one vote in Kosovo, one percent of the votes, who send me letters every day, preaching, and holding lectures. They were part of the DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia). They were in charge of the DOS. What did they do? Thanks to them we had a pogrom in 2004, we had the breakup of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, we had the independence of Kosovo.“

„Removing the borders“ in the North is not realistic

     „What did you set the borders for Zubin Potok and Leposavic? You set the borders, where there are no Albanians, and now you say ‘even if we remove that border’, which I do not think is realistic – ‘that will not be enough’. What is it that you want? You will not have anything. Then you see that you are attacked by those who wish for the integrity of the state of Kosovo, in the same way as those who pretend to be patriots.“

Do you think our service is doing nothing?

„Do you think that I really do not know who is meeting whom in certain municipalities in the north of Kosovo? Do you think our service is doing nothing? I will not tell you what the foreign services are organizing on this issue. Foreign services directly. If I were to tell you the names from political life, names you are familiar with, and how they are connected to certain foreign services and with whom they’ve met with. Politicians you have not heard about in 15-20 years. They are involved, naturally. Because they are bothered by the potential agreement and the fact that Serbs and Serbia might get something somewhere. And it must be prevented at all costs.“

„Idle talk“

The information on a possible violent scenario was presented to the public last night by the Abbot of Visoki Decani Monastery, Sava Janjic, after which a Serbian opposition leader, Sasa Jankovic, said that „we should be ready to preserve peace and people from those drunk on power, who will stop at nothing, the Serbian and Albanian false patriots in power“.

When asked by a Pink journalist about his assessment of these Twitter messages, Vucic replied:

„Look, you invited the President of the Republic to your TV-show, you’ve put me in a position to answer rude and impudent gossip, because there is no information here. There’s nothing here. People say we heard, there is gossip, there are idle talks. Let’s analyze these idle talks. These idle talks are made up by our political opponents. And this is what one them, from this tycoon-type fascist alliance already spoke about two months ago. And of course, nothing happened. And, God willing, it will never happen, that is why we are pursuing a policy of peace, security and safety for our people.“

He emphasized that „it is absolutely absurd.“

„I don’t want anyone to die either in the North or in the South. I devoted all of my time, a tremendous amount of time, and a tremendous amount of energy to it. I will not hold patriotic lessons for anyone,“ he added.

The President also talked about the church, which, as he claimed „strongly opposes any solution for Kosovo“ out of „different motives“.

„Some of them are Serbian (motives), some of them are great-Serbian, and some, I swear to God, are directed towards the preservation of the Kosovo statehood, the Albanian statehood,“ he added.

When asked by the journalist if the Patriarch does or does not have those attitudes, the Serbian President replied:

„He is the Patriarch, so whatever he tells me, I will always keep silent. I can answer politically, I will never say a single insult, and I will not offend any of these people. These people who hated the church, who never did anything for the church and did not care about our church, today became the greatest believers, because they see their chance for political success in this. Not for anything else.“

On the journalist’s statement that „the attacks on Kosovo Serbs are taking place more frequently,“ he said that they were „constant, but in fewer numbers than in the 2001-2008 period“.

„Everyone will be silent and will always say we call for peace on both sides. I’m talking about those from the international community,“ he commented on yesterday’s stoning of a Serbian school in Lipljan.

While criticizing the international community, the President estimated that Americans „seem to be showing a desire for a solution for the first time.“

„I thank them for that. I do not think it’s easy, I do not think it’s simple. Their approach is different from ours, but they want to achieve long-term peace, unlike the others, whom I believe don’t want that,“ he concluded.

Ivanovic, Radoicic, Djuric …

„Gazivode is located in the North, Banjska and Sokolica also. I don’t have to mention Kosovska Mitrovica, the symbol of the defense of our people in the North. And that’s why everything revolved around Oliver Ivanovic, the entire campaign. While we were in shock, they immediately knew that the Serbs were behind it. Have you noticed this? While the entire normal part of the nation was in shock, they immediately knew – ‘it is Radoicic, the Serbs did that, they were in conflict’. They knew better than anyone in Oliver Ivanovic’s family. They knew everything and deliberately put the blame on Serbia, so Serbia would say ‘we will not fight for anything in the North, we do not need autonomy or anything’. That’s why they entered the North with Marko Djuric because they wanted an incident. We avoided it, showing that we were smart enough, that we can respond with something – the continuation of the dialogue. I told the Europeans ‘Marko Djuric must be in the territory of central Serbia by 19.30 or there is no continuation of the dialogue.’ At 19.25 Marko Djuric was at Merdare border crossing.“



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