Vucic: I will not recognize Kosovo, let me know when you are ready for substantial progress

Aleksandar Vučić Gazivode, FOTO: KoSSev
Aleksandar Vucic, Gazivode, Photo: KoSSev

„I want substantial progress. I’m here if you are ready for substantial progress. I will fly out in whatever you want, wherever you call me – to Brussels, to Greenland,“ the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Nis yesterday, adding that he is better off in Nis than in New York. World leaders are currently meeting for the UN General Assembly.

Vucic chose not to attend the General Assembly as „not wanting to listen to idle stories“ and would be forced „to talk to the Albanians and foreigners in New York“.

„I don’t want to listen to the same idle stories I have been hearing for years- on how I should recognize the independence of Kosovo. I am not going to recognize the independence of Kosovo. We want to reach a compromise. We don’t want you to receive everything and for us to get nothing,“ said the President.

„I have nothing to talk about,“ he added.
He is, however, satisfied with the way that the Serbian delegation, led by the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, is representing the country.

On the other side, the Kosovo delegation, according to Vucic, “is jumping people in the hallways“ similar to his political opponents in Belgrade as well.

President Aleksandar Vucic addressed media in Nis after meeting with representatives of the southern Serbian districts.

„As far as those who are jumping people in the hallways are concerned, what can you do? On this matter, Pacolli and Jeremic, they are … like two peas in a pod. Taking a photo somewhere with someone in order to show that they are important – this is what their life is. I told you that how earlier when I was drawing a horse, and since it did not look like a horse, I had to write ‘this is a horse’ below. In the same way they have to take a photo next to someone to say – here, we are important as well–in order for someone to believe that. What can you do… man invented camera phones and now everyone can be important.“

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