Vucic: I want it to go down in history that I tried to solve Kosovo issue

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will visit North Mitrovica on September 9th, where, as he revealed today, he will present „the guidelines and course“ of action on the Kosovo issue. He also talked about the President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic and his now historic speech at Gazimestan. Vucic revealed that he is working on bringing a Chinese company to the North of Kosovo.

Both the President and the Minister talked about the history

„I will fight how much I can and as long as I can. I want it to go down in history that I tried to solve this problem. That’s my motive. My motive is not money, my motive is not enrichment,“ said Aleksandar Vucic today.

A day earlier, the Serbian Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, estimated that Vucic is „changing history“:

„We are in a political and historical moment when we can help someone who is changing history, and I mean Vucic, but we can also hold him back. Each of us will stand in front of history. I believe that this is a renewal of Serbian statehood and the stopping of the expansion of the ‘Greater Albania’ and that’s why I will do everything to help.“

“On the 9th I want to talk to our people and their representatives in Kosovo, and I want to say what are the guidelines and the course of our actions in the future,“ said the Serbian President while visiting the Clinical Center of Serbia.

Although the chief of Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic, said earlier today that Vucic will present his stance on Kosovo during his visit, Vucic said:

„It is impossible to talk about the plan if we do not have it. But I will definitely talk about the direction, the course which Serbia plans to pursue regarding its Kosovo policy.“

You will not hear any details from me

On the comment of N1 journalist that Thaci is still talking about changing the borders, that is, joining „Presevo Valley“ to Kosovo, and on the question of whether it has ever been mentioned in the negotiations, Aleksandar Vucic said:

„I do not want to talk about the subject, because I do not need to flatter anyone in Serbia, nor do I want to. I did not tie my political fate to any election, I tied it to the future, and I will not ruin the smallest possible opportunity to reach an agreement in the future, and therefore, you will not hear any details from me.

He then said that „(they) in Pristina say everything they want“ and that „he will not react at all“.

„Let people say whatever they want, whatever they are saying,“ he added.

He said that he was asked this morning, without specifying by who – „Milosevic had Gazimestan, what will you, Vucic, say in Mitrovica?“ – to which he replied:

„I will certainly address the people, both those who support us and those who do not support us, it’s my job to talk to everyone.“

He also said that Milosevic „probably or certainly had good intentions to protect the Serb interests by speaking in Gazimestan“, but that „it turned, for the most part, into the opposite“.

„My intention is different“ – said Vucic.

„My intention is to tell people what they do not like to hear, what is not easy to hear, and to be more successful in the realization and in what Serbs and Serbia will have, and to preserve the peace, to preserve the future, above all, so that we can find a sustainable solution for our people living in Kosovo, and to see what we can get for the state of Serbia.

He said that he will have a „realistic and responsible approach“ so that factories can be brought „to the north and to other places“.

„I am currently negotiating with a Chinese company to come to the north of Kosovo and to invest money in certain facilities. For the first time. But these people are now seeking guarantees from us, and we cannot provide them with all the guarantees,“ Vucic said.



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