Vucic: Foreign representatives gave money to Srpska Lista’s rival candidates

FOTO: Tanjg/Live

Kosovo Serbs should participate in the elections gathered around Srpska Lista – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic reiterated once again this morning. According to the President, however, some foreign representatives, who are „posing as our greatest friends,“ are „offering money in taverns and offices“ to those who are running against this party.

At a press conference held today, one of the journalists told the president that “Vuk Jeremic said the government is absolutely evil” and that it “seems he is bothered by the fact that the SDP GI will be part of Srpska Lista – Aleksandar Vucic during the Kosovo elections on October 6.

The president then replied how important it is for „Serbs be united as much as possible“.

He claimed that „foreign representatives offered and gave money in different taverns and offices“ to many politicians to run against Srpska Lista.

According to Vucic, some of these international representatives are posing as „our great friends.“

Finally, the president further claimed that Vuk Jeremic received “€200,000 from an embassy,” without providing any further details.



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