Vox populi – Electoral Day

Our team has been collecting impression of North Mitrovica citizens on the E-Day. The citizens are not interested in publically sharing their stands. Answering a question on whether they could foresee which candidate might win in this round and whether they could make comparison with earlier election rounds, some of them said:
L. I.: (49): "I think that Goran Rakic will win, there is no one else, and I think this round of election is more free, more secure. Now one can get out and vote more freely.”
M.K. (23): "I don’t know what to say. I think there is nothing we can influence on. It is already a common knowledge who will win. I don’t see a reason to go out and vote.”
T. D. (26): "I foresee that the most likely to win is Oliver Ivanovic. Somehow he is known to the citizens as someone who has been in politics for quite some time since he even used to be the State Secretary for KiM within Serbian Government, as oppose to his opponent, Rakic, whom people know only as a local businessman, now some sort of a manager, but who has never swam in political waters. I believe that the turnout will be higher this time round, when it comes to Serb residents, who will be driven by a thought that it will be better for this city to be led by a Serb. I believe that the K-Albanians will have a maximum turnout, but let us hope there are more Serbs in the north even besides malverzation of Albanian side with adding several hundreds of voters to the lists. Let us hope for the best.”
M. I. (63): "My impression is that this time things are more organized. Last time nothing was working. People will get carried away and vote for Oliver Ivanovic, but I think everyone will vote for the leading party, as have I.”
T. L. (45): "I am boycotting these elections, but I think that the state-run list will win. Their candidate is an irrelevant person, since this is a project designed in Belgrade, so it is irrelevant who will win, even if they are Albanians, because after these elections the north will officially enter the integration process with Pristina.”
D.I.: (78): "I am waiting for a mobile team to come to my house, since I cannot go myself, I am poorly mobile. Goran Rakic will win, as simple as that, but I don’t see much of a difference, because I don’t go out that often.” "
O. M. (49): "There are plenty of people from outside who came to vote, which is a bit odd. What I have noticed is many Albanians voting, as well as many of them within the polling committees, and some of them do not even speak Serbian, which was not the case in previous rounds. I felt strange looking at them and then the picture of St. Sava in a classroom that was standing on the wall above their heads. It reminded me of past, one classroom for Albanian, the other for Serb students, and during breaks we used to smoke together. I grew up with them, I’m not saying that is bad, it just felt strange today. In my opinion, the only candidate worth voting for is in prison.”



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