Von Cramon in Visoki Decani: SOC heritage must be protected and enjoy full rights

“Visoki Decani should be the place that unites all Kosovo citizens and bridges the gap between its’ communities as Decani Monastery and Father Sava can play a constructive role in the societal dialogue,” Viola von Cramon said today after visiting this Serbian medieval monastery.

Tolerance and mutual respect are the essence of multiethnic society, Cramon underlined.

“I thus urge the Kosovo government to implement the long overdue Constitutional Court judgment as the rule of law means equal treatment of all,” she reacted via Twitter today after meeting with the Abbot of the Visoki Decani monastery, Sava Janjic.

The European official thus reminded of the 2016 decision of the Kosovo Constitutional Court on the return of almost 24 ha of monastery land to Visoki Decani. The decision, although final, has yet to be implemented by the Kosovo authorities.

“The Serbian Orthodox Church heritage in Kosovo must be protected and enjoy full rights,” Viola von Cramon concluded.



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