Veseli: All PDK officials accused of corruption and nepotism immediately resolved from their functions

Kadri Veselji
Photo: Koha

President of the Kosovo Assembly and PDK leader Kadri Veseli announced today that he had decided to dismiss all politically appointed PDK candidates in public institutions accused of corruption, crime and abuse of office, Koha reported earlier today. 

Through this procedure, Veseli claims to set a new „ethical standard“, which is: „to begin with ourselves“, and then „extend this standard to every segment“.

„Politically appointed persons from the PDK in Kosovo’s public institutions who have indictments related to suspicion of abuse of office, corruption or nepotism – will be immediately dismissed from these functions,“ Veseli told media in Pristina.

He added that PDK will not run, nor support candidates from any political entity, who have confirmed indictments.

„PDK will not propose persons who have indictments related to suspicion of abuse of office, corruption or nepotism, in any public position, nor will they support such candidates that may be proposed by other parties or citizens,“ Veseli emphasised.

Such a decision „does not prejudge their guilt and the outcome of the trial,“ while all charged persons „will be entitled to a place in the PDK and in institutions when they are released.“

„That’s why I talked to party officials who have charges and I informed them about the release from their official duties,“ he also said.

Veseli recalled his promise earlier this week that he would „actively engage in the fight against corruption, nepotism and abhorrent abuse“.

Citizens expect it, as they have had „plenty of promises“ and want to see „concrete actions“, claimed this Kosovo official.

Such a move by the president of the Kosovo Assembly comes after months of insistance by foreign embassies in Pristina, especially the US and the UK, that political officials involved in corruption affairs, abuse of office, nepotism, should not perform public functions.

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