US Senator Perdue: The presence of US forces should be reconsidered if tariffs are not abolished

Donald Tramp
FOTO: Gazeta Express

The presence of US forces in Kosovo should be reconsidered if Pristina does not abolish the duties imposed on Serbia – US Senator David Perdue wrote on Twitter last night. Meanwhile, Pristina media have been extensively reporting that the withdrawal of US forces will be the US’s second „punitive measure“ – in addition to economic – against Kosovo for its refusal to comply with their last request.

US Senator David Perdue commented on the current political situation in the region on Twitter last night.

“For over two decades, US forces have helped keep the peace between Kosovo and Serbia. Now, with historic progress in sight, Kosovo must do its part and abolish all duties imposed on Serbia. If Kosovo is not fully committed to peace, then the US should reconsider its presence there,” he tweeted.

The Pristina media has reported extensively on the first „punitive measures“ of the US against Kosovo due to Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti’s refusal to abolish the tariffs imposed on Serbia.

As Pristina-based Gazeta Express reported yesterday, citing its sources, the US already „struck the first blow“ – The Millennium Challenge Corporation CEO, Sean Cairncross told Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, that €50 million coming from MCC will be blocked, as well as a gas project, based on which an additional €150 million investment was envisaged. Previously, Kurti’s coalition partner and LDK leader, Isa Mustafa confirmed that he spoke with US Special Envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Richard Grenell, who warned him of the first sanctions – primarily referring to MCC funds – unless Kosovo Prime Minister unconditionally and completely abolishes the tariffs.

So far, Kurti has not responded to these allegations.

Despite daily pressure coming from the US, Kurti is insisting on the gradual and partial abolition of tariffs and the establishment of reciprocity if Serbia fails to comply with Kosovo’s demands – a stance also opposed by the US. Kurti appears to be alone in his efforts, as even his coalition partner, the LDK party, is urging for US demands to be respected and tariffs immediately abolished. The LDK even warned that it would leave the government if this does not happen.



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