UÇK sign erected on a hill above North Mitrovica

An “UÇK“ sign was installed on the Crnusa hill above Mitrovica. When exactly the sign was placed there remains unknown.

Citizens noticed these three bright red letters on Monday afternoon.

The hill on which the sign was installed is part of the municipality of South Mitrovica, mostly inhabited by ethnic Albanians, but it is also clearly visible from the northern part of the town.

The idea to place this sign on the hill above Mitrovica has been put forward in April of this year by the municipal authorities of South Mitrovica.

As announced at the time, the plan was to erect the letters „UÇK,“ which would be illuminated, on metal beams.

The director of the cadastre in South Mitrovica, Artan Berisha, said in April that the field has been designated for „three golden letters of the KLA“ which will „pay tribute to the liberation army’s holy war”.

„Together with Vice President Arijan Tahiri, we were on the ground today to determine the area where the project with the three golden letters of the KLA will be placed, which will be illuminated and pay tribute to the holy war of the liberation army,“ said Berisha on April 20.

Two years ago, the municipality of South Mitrovica announced the allocation of 191 hectares of land in Crnusa for the construction of the base of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF).

There is a practice range on this hill, where at the beginning of this year KSF had a shooting exercise.

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