Two trucks from the barricade in Dudin Krs in N.Mitrovica torched

Two trucks that formed a barricade on the new bridge in Dudin Krs in North Mitrovica were torched last night.

As our reporter confirmed from the scene, the fire has been put down, however, the trucks were badly damaged.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

A large number of media teams are present at the site of the fire. The police, however, are not on the scene, although two EULEX jeeps briefly visited the site.

The Kosovo Police in the region north confirmed for KoSSev that the case had not been reported to the police.

In the meantime, the main headquarters of the Kosovo Police in Pristina confirmed that these two trucks were actually set on fire, following numerous media reports about the case.

„Based on official information, in the early morning hours, it was reported that two trucks, which were part of the barricade, were set on fire at a location called Dudin Krs in North Mitrovica,“ the police said.

According to KoSSev’s unofficial findings, this is not the first time the trucks that formed the barricades were damaged, although previous cases were recorded in other municipalities.

These two parked trucks were part of the last barricades installed, i.e. one of the first in the municipality of North Mitrovica.

According to last night’s announcements, all barricades set up by Serbs in the past 20 days – installed in at least 14 locations in the municipalities in the north – are set to be dismantled within 24 or 48 hours.

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