Trump on Serb&Kosovan leaders: They hugged in the Oval Office, it was a beautiful thing to see

Šta je Tramp kazao sinoć u Pensilvaniji o sporazumu u Beloj kući

Posted by Kosovo Sever portal on Sunday, 27 September 2020

“I told the story the other day. And then I’ve got one for Kosovo and Serbia. They have been killing each other for many years. Just killing each other. They don’t get along. They are sort of like the Palestinians and Israel. I said to them, why are you fighting and killing each other? They have a lot of differences, including a religious difference. I said, what are you doing? We trade with both, so we have a certain power. So I said, listen, let’s get a deal, let’s make economic peace, and ultimately peace. They came to my office, to the Oval Office, to sign. They were hugging, it was a beautiful thing to see. We saved a lot of lives,” the US President, Donald Trump said in Pennsylvania.

As the US presidential campaign heats up, Donald Trump is explaining his great achievements to the voters. Trump is also boasting of bringing peace to the world, which is why he received two nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, together with the Kosovan and Serbian governments.

“And I told this last night, I said to my great First Lady, our great First Lady, Melania, I said, First Lady, I am going to watch television tonight, I am going to come home early. Let me tell you, 6:30pm is very early. I stay up late. I am going to come home early, I am going to show you what a great job I just did. I got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,” Trump said in last night’s pre-election speech.

He explained that the warring parties in the world are now coming to the US president and asking the United States to mediate in the peace process.

Meanwhile, in Belgrade, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said that – after almost half a century – out of the love they have for Trump, Serbs from the north of Kosovo have renamed Lake Gazivode to Trump Lake, and Brnjak Bridge – Trump Bridge. On the other hand, Kosovo Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti approved the „Grenell initiative“ from Pristina. Grenell himself enthusiastically shared pictures from the lake and repeated that he suggested this idea as a joke.

„Both leaders said – it’s okay with me, let’s call it Lake Trump,“ Grenell said in an interview with JSL.

Vucic on the „Trump Lake“ banner: Kosovo Serbs love Trump, they made and hung the banner themselves



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