The Serbs arrested in May at the Jarinje Crossing to be Released after Paying a Fine but Face Deportation from Kosovo and a 3-year Entry Ban


Ethnic Serbs S.J. and I.S., who were arrested in Jarinje in late May, when the police found weapons and narcotics in their possession, will be released today, as their families paid the fine through their defense counsel. However, they will be deported from Kosovo and banned from entering for the next three years.

S.J’s defense attorney, Milos Delevic, confirmed for KoSSev that his client will be released during the day once Delevic pays a 5,700 euro fine to the Kosovo judicial authorities.

S.J.,was sentenced to a six-month prison sentence but was later reduced to a fine, will also be deported from Kosovo, for a period of three years.

„The family collected the money and I, as his defense attorney, will pay the fine. I expect that during the day, he will be released,“ Delevic said.

I.S. was also sentenced to six months in prison, a sentence that has already been reduced to a 9,000 Euro fine – 2,000 Euros for illegal possession of weapons.

He is also being deported from Kosovo, with a three-year ban on entry, but he has already been released from custody, his lawyer Ljubomir Pantovic confirmed for KoSSev.

Both of them pleaded guilty in court. The Kallxo portal, which followed the trial, reported that the two Serbs „repented“ and „expressed regret“ over their actions.

On the 31st of May, the Kosovo Police arrested two Serbian citizens after they found a nightstick, camouflage mask, hammer, knives, emblems with Serbian national symbols, narcotics and other items in their possession.

These two ethnic Serb men were driving a car registered with plates of the Republic of Slovenia. At the time, they were remanded to a 48-hour custody.

Their arrest took place two days after the clash between a group of Serbs and KFOR in Zvecan, and went almost unnoticed by the Serbian public. However, that was not the case with the Albanian media, which in addition to the events of May 29th, also highlighted the fact that one of them participated in the Battle of Kosare, and was decorated by Slobodan Milosevic.

At the time, the Kosovo police, in their initial announcement, did not specify where exactly they were arrested, only noting that it happened in the north.

However, a day later, the head of the Kosovo MIA, Xhelal Svecla, confirmed that they were arrested in Jarinje, with claims that one of them is a former soldier from Kosare, and allegedly a member of the Serbian Army brigade for „state destabilization“.

They were then sentenced to one-month detention in early June, and on July 20th, an indictment was issued against them. In a statement for KoSSev, the two lawyers of the arrested Serbs cautiously announced that they could soon be released.

Delevic and Pantovic pointed out that the new charges against them are milder when compared to the very serious charges they were arrested under when they were initially accused of „jeopardizing the constitutional order and security of Kosovo“.

The indictment charged them with the criminal offence of „participation in a group that commits criminal acts or hooliganism“, while I.S. was additionally charged with the crime of „illegal possession of weapons“.

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