The photo Brovina showed taken from a pornographic film

Foto: Koha

Translation provided by KoSSev

A photo presented yesterday by an MP of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Flora Brovina has disturbed the public in Kosovo and beyond.

Brovina presented a photograph yesterday as evidence of rape of an Albanian woman by Serbian soldiers in front of members of her family during the war.

However, it turns out that the photograph does not show an actual event. It does not show the war in Kosovo, nor any other war. In fact, the photograph presented by Brovina shows a scene from a pornographic film.

Gazeta Express reported yesterday that Brovina’s photograph was false and that it was taken from a pornographic website.

Gazeta also found the pornographic film from which the photograph was taken. Naturally, due to its content, Gazeta will not publish it but it is in possession of the complete video.

Gazeta Express

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