The OSCE condemns the burglary of the apartment of returnee Dragica Gasic

The OSCE mission expresses concern about the latest developments hampering the exercise of the right of all displaced people to return to their homes, in particular the burglary of the apartment of Dragica Gasic.

The OSCE’s reaction arrived after the apartment of the first and only Serb returnee to Djakovica/Gjakova, Dragica Gasic, was broken into and looted two days ago.

“The OSCE has always supported the right of all displaced people to return to their homes. This is a basic human right and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo has consistently engaged in coordinated efforts with partners and stakeholders to create the conditions for this.”

Against that background, the mission expresses concern about latest developments hampering the exercise of this right in Djakovica, in particular the burglary of the apartment of Ms. Dragica Gasic.

“Attempts to intimidate or harass returnees are unacceptable,” the OSCE underlined.

The mission emphasized that it appreciates “the dedication of Kosovo Police in providing security to returnees throughout Kosovo and in particular their efforts in this case“.

They expressed hope that this will lead to the swift identification and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Earlier this month, the OSCE mission in Kosovo also reacted to Dragica Gasic’s case in a statement for KoSSev. The OSCE condemned the incidents directed against her, describing them as unacceptable.

The OSCE mission said at the time that they have been in contact with Gasic since her return, noting that they are closely monitoring and following the case. The mission also underlined that they support every returnee and that the return process of displaced persons should continue.

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