The only Serb family in a border village found the broken house with no water and electricity, they also face illegal wood cutting on their property

Selo Medragovac
Selo Medragovac

A Serb family, the Perovics, from the village of Medragovci in the municipality of Podujevo has reported to the police that their house was demolished by unknown persons. They have also been left without a water and power supply, as the transformer was stolen from them while the water tank was emptied. The incident took place while the married couple, belonging to the Perovic family was undergoing medical treatment in the nearby Serbian town of Medvedja. The news was reported by their daughter Milena to RTK Serbian channel 2.

The Perovic family is the last remaining Serb family in the village. Milena said that her parents had maintained a harmonious relationships with their Albanian neigbours.

„We always cooperated in some way, if they needed something, of course, or if we needed from them… There was always the buying and selling of livestock or wood. My father always said there was no reason that our house would be broken into, but unfortunately, it happened. Who did it – we do not know,” Milena said.

However, the same family has had problems with the illegal wood cutting on their private property and Milena confirmed that the police were aware of it as they had been informed on a regular basis.

„We saw that our wood was illegally cut, my brother took a photo of these people, our neighbours, who were transporting the wood from the Serbian to Kosovan side. He caught them while out measuring the wood,“ said Milena as she spoke for RTK2.

The family faces more problems. The shortest way for them to the nearby Serbian town of Medvedja has not been recognised as an official boundary crossing, which often causes trouble for them with the Kosovo border police. Instead, they need to travel via the legal Mutivode crossing checkpoint and that takes them three and a half hours to drive to the town of Medvedja.

In spite of their hard life, the Perovic family still resist the thought of selling their 30 hectares of private property.



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