Tadic: Vucic is using Seselj’s methodology from the 1990s – everyone not part of Srpska Lista is a traitor

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Former Serbian President, Boris Tadic participated in a discussion with the N1 editor two days ago where he commented on the current atmosphere ahead of snap Kosovo elections and what he sees as the main principle of governance of the SNS and Srpska Lista which he likens to the largest Serbian party in power.

By accusing Srpska Lista’s opponents of being traitors, Vucic is applying Seselj’s methodology from the 1990s – Tadic said on the Pressing political talk-show on Tuesday.

„Everyone who is not for the so-called patriotic list, the patriotic program – which is mostly expressed in speeches – are declared traitors and beaten and abused,“ he said, adding that the same methodology was used on Oliver Ivanovic.

„I’ll remind you of that video in which Ivanovic was smeared with blood and portrayed as a traitor because he did not want to join Vucic’s party in Kosovo – Srpska Lista,“ he said.

Vucic presents all his ideas as a state project in accordance with the principle – I am the state

According to Tadic, Vucic – through his advocates, such as the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric – is „accusing other parties that want to run in elections as representatives of Kosovo Serbs of wanting to form a government with Ramush Haradinaj”.

Notice this amorality, the Lista (Srpska) has been in government with Ramush Haradinaj all these years and they are now accusing another political party of wanting to form the government with Ramush Haradinaj. This shows the Machiavellian, Nazi structure of methodology and the structure of thinking in the SNS

„Vucic is violating the law by referring to the administrative crossing at Jarinje as a border“

Tadic also spoke about the SNS’s frequent accusations that a border between Kosovo and central Serbia was established during his mandate.

Who established the border at Jarinje?

„It is very simple, we did not form a border on Jarinje, although if you read the document you will see that these are administrative crossings and the state of Serbia and all its authorities are obliged by that document to treat that crossing as administrative,“ Tadic said, adding that the president of Serbia has “violated this law” by declaring this administrative crossing as a border.

„All so that he could attack us by claiming we had surrendered Kosovo and built a border between the Serbs. So that he could say today that he faces a much more difficult situation in Kosovo than we did,“ he added.

Tadic said he left the current Serbian president „with far better circumstances for resolving the Kosovo issue than the situation they left us in after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement.“

 Nothing was lost in the SNS and SPS mandate has never been lost in our mandate

„With the Kumanovo Agreement, we have lost the essential competence of the state in Kosovo,“ Tadic said, noting that the authority of the Serbian state only remained in the north of Kosovo.

Tadic underlined that he did not accept Angela Merkel’s request for Serbia to lose its jurisdiction in the north, claiming that he then lost Germany’s political support.

„And after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement, Vucic and his socialists legalized the rule of the independent state of Kosovo in the north of Kosovo, thereby legally losing what we did not lose in the war.“

„Vucic and Nikolic promised to give much more in Kosovo than I ever would“

When asked whether he supports the authorities’ efforts to resolve the Kosovo issue, and whether he sees a substantial problem in their approach and strategy, Tadic replied that several parallel processes are taking place at the same time and that Vucic and Nikolic promised to give much more in Kosovo than he ever would.

„It is more than obvious… international interlocutors have told me this, even before the 2012 elections. Vucic, on the other hand, has bought the time and support of the West with that promise – which has been going for seven years. And Vucic wants that,“ the former Serbian President said.

The West has completely lost focus of what it wanted in Kosovo

According to Tadic, the West „completely lost focus of what it wanted“ precisely because there is now a “new generation of politicians in the West.“

He stated that there is a high level of naivety in understanding politics in the Balkans in the West, while “Serbia is suffering”.

„The issue of Kosovo is not being solved, without which there is no future for this country, nor are national interests protected, nor does the West seem capable of solving the problems it has entered into and which it has, for the most part, created.“

Tadic’s plan on two entities in four points

When asked to share the plan he had during his presidency with the public, Boris Tadic said it was a serious plan which could be implemented through four points that are „fundamental to the survival of the Serbian people and institutions in Kosovo in the future.“

„A solution in which each party has the right to interpret Kosovo in its own authentic way. However, while there are international guarantees, no one is entitled to violence and the same thing applies to both Albanian and Serb institutions.“

Tadic also said that he does not see delimitation – which the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic proposed as a solution to the Kosovo issue – as a solution.

„The four-point plan implied ASM, that is, personal autonomy in the south, where Serbs live, and it also implied judicial, legislative and executive power for the north, that is, Republika Srpska-based autonomy, but it did not imply partition or membership in the UN,“ he said.

He added that the plan also included a special status for Serbian Orthodox holy sites in Kosovo, special security guarantees for Serbs and the resolution of the property issues.

Although he admitted the solution was not ideal, Tadic stressed that it was in line with the circumstances at the time.

„In the circumstances where no one wanted partition, in the circumstances where extremists existed on both sides, in the circumstances where the issue is not being solved – neither Albanians nor the Serbs had a perspective in Kosovo, it was the only possible solution.“

He urged the current government to take note of this proposal on solving the Kosovo issue.

Finally, when asked what is wrong with Vucic’s stance on resolving the Kosovo issue, Tadic replied:

„Nobody knows what Vucic’s politics toward Kosovo are. He just said he was in favor of the delimitation, and today everyone is troubled by this, but they don’t understand what he really wanted … and what he promised in the meantime.“



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