Srpska Lista „to face“ several Serb rival candidates in the upcoming elections

Srpska lista kandidatura
FOTO: Petar Petković

A total of 94 political entities – 32 parties, one coalition, 35 civic initiatives, and 26 independent candidates – have registered for the upcoming local elections in Kosovo, which are scheduled to be held on October 17th, the CEC announced.

A spokesman of the Kosovo Central Election Commission (CEC), Valmir Elezi, said on Monday that a total of 4,920 candidates have registered for the upcoming elections – 165 candidates for mayors and 4,757 for MA councilors.

The largest Kosovo Serb party Srpska Lista registered 11 candidates for municipal mayors. The party submitted its candidate list to the Kosovo Central Election Commission on Saturday.

The SL candidates for mayors in the north of Kosovo include the current mayors in three municipalities, namely Milan Radojevic for North Mitrovica, Zoran Todic for Leposavic, and Srdjan Vulovic for Zubin Potok.

The party’s new candidate for the mayor of Zvecan will be the former longtime mayor of this municipality, Dragisa Milovic. Previously, Milovic was a member of the DSS, and he was a candidate for mayor in the 2017 elections in front of, as he stated at the time, the „broad civic coalition.“ He, however, lost the elections to the SL candidate, Vucina Jankovic.

Goran Dancetovic is the candidate for the mayor of Obilic, Sasa Milosevic for Novo Brdo, Ljiljana Subaric – Gracanica, Katarina Ristic Ilic – Ranilug, Bozidar Dejanovic – Klokot, Dalibor Jevtic – Strpce, Dragan Petkovic – Partes. 

Srpska Lista has more than 400 MA councilor candidates in 22 municipalities. The names of the representatives of SL will be on the councilor ballots in Gnjilane, Istok, Kamenica, Klina, Kosovo Polje, Lipljan, Orahovac, Pec, Pristina, Vucitrn, and Srbica.

The news broke yesterday that Branimir Stojanovic submitted his candidacy for the head of the municipality of Gracanica to the Central Election Commission. Stojanovic confirmed the news himself to the media, RTV Kim reported.

Branimir Stojanovic is the former mayor of Gracanica – a post he stepped down from when he became the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo. He was one of the most prominent members of Srpska Lista until the 2017 Kosovo parliamentary elections.

At the time, speculations ran rampant that Stojanovic was marginalized from SL by political will from Belgrade. He then took over the post of State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia in January 2018. At the end of last year, he was appointed head of the provisional authority of Suva Reka.

Stojanovic revealed in a Facebook post yesterday that he is „resigning“ from that post.

He is one of the de facto founders of the SNS in Kosovo, that is, the former GI Srpska Lista.

There are still no detailed information on who, apart from SL itself and the „independent candidate“ Branimir Stojanovic in the municipality of Gracanica, registered for the elections to represent the Kosovo Serb community.

However, according to unconfirmed information, other „independent“ candidates and „civic initiatives“ could join Stojanovic on this so-called second front – „opposite“ Srpska Lista.

Although the formal start of the campaign is still a long way away, strong political messages have started coming from Srpska Lista official, Igor Simic, and the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic – but for now only those aimed at Stojanovic.

In a tone common for this political entity, the „rival candidate“ is referred to as a „political opportunist“, and his candidacy as „direct support to the enemies of Serbia,“ while the message that SL is the only party that has Belgrade’s support is often repeated.

The CEC, through its commission, is now set to review the received candidacies, in order to additionally confirm the candidates.

It will make its final decision by September 1st. The entire verification process is planned to be completed by September 6.



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