Srpska Lista: „Little Marko Jaksic playing the victim, drawing public attention“

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The largest Kosovo Serb party, SrpskaLista reacted following a warning by one of the organizers of the protest walk „1 out of 5 million“, which will be held in North Mitrovica for the first time this Saturday, and the SDP councilor in the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly, Marko Jaksic. Jaksic tweeted that in case “something bad” happens to them or if there are “any provocations” the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric will be “held accountable.”He also received threats on Twitter after inviting people to join them on the protest walk.

We publish Srpska Lista’s statement in its entirety:

„Serbian unity in Kosovo and Metohija, no matter how much money is paid by those who do not want the Serbs in Kosmet, will never be broken.

Although Jeremic, Djilas, Tadic, Trifunovic and their mentors and sponsors are trying to find amongst us those who would sell faith for dinner, and to the divide the Serbian people at this difficult moment, they will not succeed in doing that here.

According to the Latin (proverb) ‘birds of same feather flock together,’we learn from the media that councilor Marko Jaksic plans to organize some kind of protests in Kosovska Mitrovica.

It is unbelievable that a municipal councilor who did not give a single statement to the media against the introduction of the taxes and endangering the lives of Serbs in Kosmet, who did not want to participate in a single protest of the Serbian people against Pristina’s taxes, is today calling for protests against his own state.

He does this by lying to the people in other parts of Serbia that the protest is allegedly civil. He just forgot to mention that, as people here in KiM know him, little Marko Jaksic, a councilor in the local assembly and a member of an opposition political party, that only he and his colleague from the same party, Ksenija Bozovic, did not sign the parliamentary declaration demanding the abolition of the taxes.

We sincerely wonder whether little Marko Jaksic feels bothered for receiving three salaries – in the court in Kosovska Mitrovica, the salary ofa councilor in the North Mitrovica MA and a pension from the Republic of Serbia, even though he is just more than thirty years old. Is it the difficult life against which he is fighting, or does he mind that the Government of Serbia is paying the Serbian people in Kosmet increased wages, building thousands of apartments and investing hundreds of millions of euros?

Therefore, this protest will certainly not gather more than a dozen people, unless his sponsors are bringing people from other parts of Serbia. And then they may be willing to stage incidents, in order to cover up the unsuccessful protest. Because little Marko had exactly that many (dozen) votes in the elections, but it would probably be enough for him to earn a fourth salary from Djilas and Jeremic, and perhaps some of those who support protests against Serbia in Pristina.

And now little Marko Jaksic will play the victim, drawing public attention, all for the purpose of media promotion. Only one thing is more than clear, Kosovska Mitrovica has already scorned one ‘great’ conman Marko Jaksic, but this little (man) is on the same path, but it will be remembered that this is the first protest in Kosovska Mitrovica to receive support in Pristina and other Albanian majority areas in KiM.“




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