Srpska Lista claims it halted the privatization of LUX stores and public properties

Goran Rakić FOTO: KoSSev
Goran Rakić FOTO: KoSSev

Srpska Lista announced today that they had halted the privatization of LUX stores and public properties. They claim that privatization has „economically and politically endangered the survival of Serbs in Kosovo“.

According to the chief of Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic, this decision will „improve the economic environment in the municipalities, but it will also enable the creation of better economic conditions for our citizens“.

All the assets of social enterprises located in Serb majority municipalities have been transferred to the jurisdiction of the municipalities themselves, courtesy of the joint, committed and longstanding work of the representatives of Srpska Lista, particularly the mayors of these municipalities and the Srpska Lista deputy, Ivan Todosijevic – is what Srpska Lista claimed.

„The process of privatization in Kosovo and Metohija was done in the wrong way, and it was often criticized not only by the Serbian political representatives but also Albanians themselves, and by international organizations. This process has set back the economic status of all citizens in Kosovo and Metohija, not only Serbs, but also Albanians,“ they emphasized.

They also recalled their own success and pointed out that Srpska Lista is taking care of citizens’ interests – which explains why more than 90% of Serbs voted Srpska Lista in the elections.

„This is the first step. There is more work to be done, but what is most important is that a decision on the return of property has been made, and we will now proceed further,“ Srpska Lista deputy and Kosovo Minister of Local Administration, Ivan Todosijevic said.
No further details were specified in Srpska Lista’s two press releases, which were published by local media outlets.



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