SNF: Srpska Lista has lost its credibility to represent Kosovo Serbs

Today, the emperor is naked, declared the Serbian National Forum. They directly accused Srpska Lista of having, as they claim, led the Serb people to „the edge of the abyss and to unfathomable consequences.“ SNF claimed that the SL has lost all of its remaining credibility to represent the Kosovo Serbs.

„It’s high time (if it hasn’t already passed) for us to come to our senses, to turn to ourselves, to look at each other as brothers and, with God’s help, try to save ourselves, save our children, our country and our posterity,“ the Serbian National Forum said in a statement.

„Eleven years have passed since our fate, as well as the fate of our state in Kosovo and Metohija, was handed over to the demi-monde of the so-called Srpska Lista, and to Aleksandar Vucic, who in recent years has been building a career, buying international support with our lives and our blood.“

They underscored that they and the opposition movement „Otadzbina“ have been pointing to the „catastrophic moves“ made by official Belgrade for over a decade, the moves that Aleksandar Vucic „is making personally, so that our misfortune will be even greater.“

Given that the Serbian National Council was recently reactivated, primarily by activists involved in the forum, they once again welcomed the same move as the „representative body“ of the Serbian people from Kosovo.

„The SNF believes that the SNC must be activated as soon as possible, to form its bodies, to take steps as soon as possible to stop the erosion of the Serbian national identity caused by the extremely irresponsible policy of Belgrade. SNF believes that the established SNC should take over all powers in negotiations with domestic and foreign actors.”

The SNF called on the SOC to support, bless and actively participate in the work of the SNF.

New incidents broke out in North Mitrovica yesterday in the midst of the latest crisis. An ethnic Serb M.M. was arrested around noon yesterday in the center of the town, in a hair salon, by strong forces of the special unit of the Kosovo police. The Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Svecla, said that he is suspected of being the main instigator of the recent clashes between Serbs and KFOR, and that he is „the leader of the criminal group Civil Protection“.

The arrest prompted several hundred Serbs to gather in the town center immediately after, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation, while some of those in the crowd were visibly frightened. At first, the crowd tried to prevent M.M. from being taken away, by throwing stones at the police vehicles, while the police used tear gas. After that, local residents gathered at an intersections.

When the leaders of SL made a brief appearance, the citizens both verbally and physically attacked them. During the protest, tensions were visible. Masked individuals attacked media crews and other people who were filming in order to prevent them from doing so. They also attacked a KoSSev portal journalist while she was reporting.

Citizens expressed their dissatisfaction and visible revolt and fear due to the long-standing position of Kosovo Serbs, and at one point they started chanting „treason“ and booing Aleksandar Vucic.

The gathering took place near the home of one of the SL officials, where the party’s leadership took refuge. The crowd insisted that these leaders come out and address the citizens, but that did not happen.

In the meantime, the arrested Serb was remanded a 48-hour custody. He is currently in Pristina, where he has already been visited by a lawyer.

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