Slobodan Petrovic in an open letter to Vucic: You justify your and the failures of Srpska Lista, by attacking me

Slobodan Petrović SLS
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The SLS president, Slobodan Petrovic sent an open letter to the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic today, following Vucic’s claims that Petrovic allegedly voted in favor of the Kosovo platform for dialogue with Serbia and the formation of the Kosovo Army and that he organized “1 out of 5 million” protests in Gracanica.

We publish the open letter in its entirety:

“Dear Mr. Vucic,

I am addressing you with this open letter, not because of you personally, but above all because of the public which you have been deceiving for days, weeks and months by obviously trying to justify your failures, as well as the failures of Srpska Lista, by attacking me.

I do not want to get into whether you are doing it consciously and deliberately, or if some of your state bodies, your advisers or representatives of Srpska Lista are misinforming you but I think it is not proper that the state president is spreading falsehoods and misleading the public.

You mentioned my name three times only in the last week and all three times you spread falsehoods.

  1. You said that as a Member of the Assembly of Kosovo I voted in favor of the Kosovo platform for dialogue and that I had the swing vote. – It is true that I did not vote either „in favor“ or „against“, but I abstained, which can be easily verified.
  2. You said that in addition to voting „in favor“ I also provided a quorum for the session of the Assembly of Kosovo during which this platform was adopted. – It is true that even without me there were enough MPs present at that session for the quorum, which can also be easily verified.
  3. You said that I am Dragan Djilas’ buddy and that I support the ‘1 out of 5 million’ protests. – It is true that I do not know Dragan Djilas personally, nor did I ever speak with him, nor did I ever see him, except on television. I publicly promised ten days ago that if someone proves that I or Dijana Zivic, the Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Kosovo, for whom some of your ministers claim that she is the organizer of the ‘1 out of 5 million’ protests in Gracanica, have anything to do with the ‘1 out of 5 million’ protests then we both will resign and that we will never get into politics again. I do not want to justify myself to you or to anyone with this, I am only proving that you are spreading falsehoods.

I certainly agree with certain requests from these ‘1 out of 5 million’ protests, in particular with the requests asking for answers to questions who killed Oliver Ivanovic and what does delimitation mean, but make no mistake and you know that well, there would be several thousand people, not five or six of them, if the Independent Liberal Party would organize a ‘1 out of 5 million’ protest in Gracanica.

I could return months back to list the remaining falsehoods you spread about me, such as the one that I supported the formation of the Kosovo Army in the Kosovo Assembly, although I was in Paris on the day of the vote on the laws relating to the Kosovo Security Force but I hope that this is enough for now.

Frankly, I thought that you learned a lesson after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and that you would stop with the lies relating to labeling and drawing targets on your political opponents, but I seem to be wrong about it.”

Srpska list: SLS is the fruit of a natural fornication of Western embassies and Hashim Thaci

Srpska Lista immediately reacted to Petrovic’s open letter, continuing to accuse the SLS leader through 8 points.

“An open letter sent by Slobodan Petrovic to President Vucic in agreement with his patron Dragan Djilas needs to be analyzed in great detail due to the number of lies it contains.

Slobodan Petrovic, a man whose party is the fruit of a natural fornication of Western embassies and Hashim Thaci with the aim of an artificial display of multiethnicity in Kosovo and Metohija, attacked the Srpska Lista and President Vucic in the hope that no one would answer him and remind him that he is a lackey of the Albanian parties and his mentors,” Srpska Lista wrote in the statement.

The largest Kosovo Serb party accused Petrovic of “enabling” the adoption of the platform on the dialogue with Serbia, by enabling the quorum for voting.

In support of the claims that „without his presence and abstention, 60 Albanian votes would not have been enough for Kosovo Albanians to adopt this platform“ Srpska Lista also presented a „screenshot“ of a part of the record of the Kosovo Assembly session held on March 7th, which shows that Petrovic was present at the session and that he abstained from voting. However, by reviewing the entire record it is possible to determine that 58 of the 77 MPs present voted in favor of the platform proposal, which is 16 MPs more than needed for the quorum.

Furthermore, in the screenshot attached to the press release, the list of deputies also shows the name of Slavko Simić, one of the deputies of the Srpska Lista. Simic’s name is thus registered as one of the 77 officially present MPs at the session, thus contributing to the quorum, which is shown by the Assembly’s online uploaded document. However, Simic did not vote, and next to his name, and the names of 17 other MPs who were registered as present but did not vote likewise, there is a sign „-„. The Kosovo Assembly MPs are registered as attending the sessions by their personal electronic MP cards. On the other hand Srpska Lista strongly claims it has boycotted the work of the Assembly of Kosovo since November last year.

They also claimed that Petrovic sent Mladen Stankovic to, along with Dragan Djilas, “stroll around Kosovo and coordinate the ‘1 out of 5 million’ protests.”

Srpska Lista further claimed that the SLS and Petrovic voted for the “abolition of Kosovo’s supervised independence” and the “demarcation of the so-called Republic of Kosovo with Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro.” They wrote that Petrovic is in charge of “promoting the so-called Kosovo Army” and recruiting new members from the Serb community, and criticized him for not visiting Ivanovic while he was in prison and for “not standing in his defense,” while also claiming that Petrovic did not condemn “a single attack” on Kosovo Serbs in the last two years. 

According to Srpska Lista, the SLS leader made the flag of his party “in line, in accordance” with the flag of Kosovo, thus “showing gratitude to his mentors.”

In the same statement, this party also voiced certain allegations at the expense of the new Minister of Agriculture, and attached two photographs – circling a person standing behind Djilas in one photograph, as well as two names, Slobodan Petrovic’s and Danush Ademi’s, on a list bearing the Kosovo Assembly logo on the second photograph.



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